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Greenwald: Cost-benefit another covid fatality

Media outcast (liberal) Glenn Greenwald reports that cost-benefit analysis has died of covid.

We employ a rational framework of cost-benefit analysis … when making public policy choices, we do not examine only one side of the ledger (number of people who will die …  but also consider the immense costs generated by policies that would prevent those deaths (massive limits on our ability to travel, … restrictions on what we can experience in our lives, enormous financial costs … ).

Cost-benefit analysis, he says, is “embraced and touted by everyone from right-wing economists to … left-wing” environmental activists.

Western panic (and worse) are inflicting a devastating toll on children, says Greenwald. “The richer you are, the less likely you are to be affected by these harms from COVID restrictions.” (Maybe, we aren’t all in this together, after all?)

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