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Boulder Kommissar to flatten toddler menace

Boulder County’s new Public Health Kommissar Camille Rodriguez (BCPHE’s first openly latinx Executive Director) has launched her opening salvo to flatten the toddler menace.  The Kommissar has ordered residents to mask up until she says otherwise or go to jail (so antifascist).

Kommissar Rodriguez is an anthropology major (a Starbucks barista buried under student loan debt who got lucky?) and former Illinois bureaucrat/apparatchik who bailed out of her last job after only two years. This is just what you look for in a public health kommissar:

  • job instability (always desirable in a new hire),
  • poor life choices (anthropology? Oh, FFS.),
  • indebted,
  • eager to please her masters.

That list of “qualifications” (disqualifiers?) looks an awful lot like our Colorado legislature – dimwitted and authoritarian.



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