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German pathologists call for COVID vaxx suspension (English transcript)

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Speaker1: [00:00:04] Go for it!

Speaker2: [00:00:05] Yes. Good evening everyone, welcome! Unfortunately with some delay. I would like to welcome you to the press conference here from the pathology laboratory in Reutlingen. My name is Dr. Ute Langer. I’m a physician and a surgeon, and we’re dealing with two hot-button issues today regarding the Covic 19 vaccines. The first set of issues is: Do vaccines really have relevant side effects, including death? The second topic deals with the possibly declared ingredients of the 19 vaccines. We have three top-class professors here who have dealt with this sufficiently and intensively. First of all, may I introduce Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, the host here today Prof. Dr. Burkhardt, has taught for many years at the universities of Hamburg, Bern and Tübingen and looks back on guest professorships and study visits to Japan, the USA, Korea, Sweden, Malaysia and Turkey. He was head of the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years and then worked as a pathologist in private practice. Professor Burkhardt has published over 150 articles in scientific journals and contributions to handbooks. He has also certified pathology institutes. The second scientist is Prof. Dr. Walter Lang. He worked as a pathologist at the Hannover Medical School from 1968 to 1985. For 25 years thereafter he ran a private institute for pathology in Hanover, which he founded, specialising in transplantation, pathology, extra gynaecological pathology, thyroid, tumours, lung and flora pathology. He performed Keul under consultation diagnostics for twelve major pulmonary clinics and performed liver pathology examination for numerous clinics. From 1985 to 2020 he performed consultations examinations for the pathology of the lung clinic in Herne. The third scientist is Prof. Dr. Werner Birkholz. He is a former professor of electrical engineering with a focus on quality and risk management at Jacobs University in Bremen. Before his appointment as professor, Professor Birkholz, 17 years, worked in the management of the chief editorial office at the company Siemens. In the Ärzteblatt you can read about Prof. Dr. Schirrmacher, the pathologist, the pathologist, that out of 40 cadavers he autopsied, within 14 days of the Covic vaccination, 30 to 40 percent died in connection with the vaccination. And this does raise some questions, Professor Berghaus, is there really a risk from this new type of Coruna vaccination?

Speaker3: [00:03:33] Yes, thank you. So every vaccination has some risk, of course. There’s no question about that. The only question is, how big is the risk? And for those wondering, there’s an electrical engineer or former quality manager involved. It is, of course, a very important point with vaccinations to weigh up the risks. From the disease or from the vaccine? Yes, the question Do we have a risk? Or to put it another way, do we have a problem? And the answer is yes clearly we have a problem. We had from 2020 from 2000 to 2020 per year 40 approx. 40 million vaccinations and approx. 20 deceased. Correctly expressed in close temporal relation to the vaccination this year up to and including July we have 1500 and 30 to 31. July. However, we have already had 80 to 90 million vaccinations this year with these various couvert 19 vaccines. That is, if you do the math, we have 20 here, 1200 here. So we still have a number, it’s much larger, so somewhere between 30 and 100, depending on how you do the math. So this is not a slight increase, this is a dramatic increase. What’s more, this doesn’t just apply to the deceased. In Germany, according to the Paul Ehrlich Institute report, we have 1230 so far, and at the European level in the EMA database we have over 14000 deaths.

Speaker3: [00:05:41] According to my investigations, not all 1200 and German dead are included. So there are obviously reporting long distance trains, but so be it and we have they can calculate at least a factor of 10 more severely injured people. So that is again a factor of 10 or factor of 20 more than normally with vaccinations. There must be a reason for that. And I have experienced such similar situations very often in my professional work. And there is also a very systematic approach to analyzing such a problem and hopefully finding a solution in the end. And one of those one of those methods is what we’re about to talk about. What I would like to say before I hand over then. You can take a look at the spectrum or all the side effects. Often on the website of the Paul Ehrlich Institute there is already, but I find him unclear and non-standardized form. There is apparently a STANDARD if you go to the Norway, UK or EMA website. This is always a standardized listing of symptoms or listing of organs that are affected or body functions. In any case, you can say that looks very similar everywhere. There are also similarities with the between the mRNA vaccines and the vaccine from Astra, Seneca and Johnson.

Speaker3: [00:07:24] Johnson So and sweepingly you can say There is no organ that is not affected. It’s with somebody. There is no bodily function and no symptom that has not already occurred I mention only some blindness. Deaf, heart attack, stroke. Any bad problems with the digestive organs and so on and so forth. But of course not with everyone, but and there are quite a few cases where it happens almost nothing. And we are talking at the level of Europe, hundreds of thousands of cases, more or less serious. I think there are well over a million reports. So good. There is one final figure I would like to mention, before I hand over to colleagues, which I find particularly alarming. For a few weeks now we have had the approval or the recommendation by the Standing Commission to vaccinate 12 to 17 year olds. So there already according to the safety report of the Paul Ehrlich Institute about 200 serious serious side effects and one a child died. Of course, the EMA is also much more of a data base. 39 children died and well over 2000 children were seriously harmed. And I’d say most of them are still healthy. But that is so as a statement. We have a problem. And now I turn it over to my colleagues for their analysis of the problem.

Speaker2: [00:09:27] Professor Burkhardt Yes.

Speaker4: [00:09:28] I was just waiting for the cue. First of all, thank you for providing this forum to show the results we have worked out. The two authors are at the forefront here. There are many who have helped us, but who do not wish to be named. Title Coruna Vaccinations. Vaccinations. Actually, in quotes, Pandora’s Box. Pandora was known to be the Gifted Realm, who had locked in her box all the diseases of this world. And that box was opened at some point by the crazy people. And there have been diseases in the world ever since. Yes, I must make a few preliminary remarks. I’m not a denier, like the Tesco, the Coruna. Now someone here figured it out, it’s not a denier either. But as a pathologist with over 40 years of experience, I naturally have a different attitude to diseases that I have dealt with on a daily basis, including and especially infectious diseases. Of course, I have autopsied children who died of herpes encephalitis. Still, no one gets the idea to test everyone for herpes now. I’ve had more women die from Papillon Virus than Coruna. And I have there are in history yes sometimes or in the course of time sometimes strange things. I’ve been before, and it was in 1997, sort of. In I was reprimanded for scaremongering. Because I had done an autopsy on a seven-year-old, an eleven-year-old girl who had died of influenza, the flu. And then I really wanted to reach out to those who were contact tracing. But I was dubbed a scaremonger by colleagues and also by the press. I finally had to pay for these tests out of my own pocket and it was only when it was actually published by the Robert Koch Institute in Bulletin No.

Speaker4: [00:12:09] 8, 1997. So that’s when you wrote flu virus type triggered. It will be remembered. Bred to bred strain is already being studied in more detail. Now what? The decisive sudden deaths, presumably caused by infection, should be clarified in any case by means of autopsy and microbiological diagnostics. That was in 1997 and the Robert Koch Institute did a 180 degree turnaround. For a post-mortem examination were prevented for Coruna dead at first and for those who died of, on or after vaccination at least hindered. Yeah, I’m not anti-vaccination either. My whole family is basically vaccinated, but I’ve always had a scientific curiosity and I know that new therapies, new pathogens, also make new tissues pictures. And there are many examples of things that were not recognized by pathologists or clinicians for decades. For example, the Helicobacter as a pathogen that can cause stomach cancer and ulcerosa in the stomach. Yeah, I remember well enough. Well, when I was sitting across from my teacher, he pointed out these pathogens that he saw there in my stomach. So this was sometime in the ’60s, said See, he had a plant. They’re slippery germs. Yes, and at some point in the 1980s, two Australian researchers came up with the idea of studying these bacteria. Lo and behold, it was that dangerous germ. And so it went with the HIV infection that we saw new lymphoma with. And among other things, that inkling that the acute went a criticizing eye that knew about entities.

Speaker4: [00:14:19] And even there, virologists were a bit cross at first and say. What do the dentists actually want with this disease? HIV is none of their business, and neither are the viruses, but it’s everybody’s business… Yes, and I have to say that I’m going to show them now. There I have seen many things also for the first time and some things I can’t even name them yet. Then I’m still looking for names and they are changes, some of which probably no one has seen before at least. He Well, I didn’t want to do the whole thing alone, thank God, and from the very beginning, because of course you immediately get into the line of fire somehow. I don’t know. What’s he doing there? We sort of did an internal peer review here. I only knew Professor Lang by name before. So we are not somehow a conspiratorial team here, which wants to propagate some idea, but we have met three weeks ago for the first time or so we want tomorrow yes. So in that sense, what I’m presenting here is also peer review. So this is that famous one. In the meantime, one reads this frequently, this famous recession or review by colleagues, of course uninfluenced colleagues and finally no financial links. At the beginning, I was offered a donation of several hundred thousand euros if I would and wanted to expand this laboratory here. I was also quite enthusiastic at first, but then I didn’t accept it for various reasons, including age.

Speaker4: [00:16:13] And the main reason is that I think that if we work out these results on a broad basis from different institutes and scientists, that this is more credible than if I come up with some big results on my own. Now we come to the actual topic of acquaintance Coruna vaccinate. Side effects with potential fatal consequences can be found on the Internet. I can say this relatively briefly. You so Tombstone Humboldtian happen and also the trouble colitis is already known from the Australian doctors there is there a paper about it. And finally, there are the so-called vaccinated breakthroughs, that is, newly infected by Corona. To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen a case. I was able to evaluate 10 autopsy cases, eight of them in the evaluation. Stage 1 Stage 1 is that we first look at what we find in the organs. Stage 2 is then that we want to establish the link to the vaccine with the help of advanced methods immune physiology, biochemistry and electron microscope, I don’t know everything. And I’ve briefly written down the data here. They were all older patients over 50. I listed the various vaccinations, that’s maybe the most important thing here, then when they died and where the autopsy took place. Most in the right, in forensics and without a histological examination. Here we come. Why is it so small? But these are then the cases 4 to 7, there are now 3 cases that were autopsied in the pathology, besides two in Austria.

Speaker4: [00:18:19] And the Austrians were actually still the ones who provided the best preparations and information. Otherwise, one of my main activities was to compile the data in the first place, because at some point the organs were with me and I didn’t know at all what it belonged to. But I’ll get to that later. I hope it doesn’t stay so clear now. No, that is then 8, 9 and 10 also again 2 pathology and a forensic medicine and partly just still unknown data about the vaccine. And what exactly was there, that means Germany. And as I said, Austria was there too. Very briefly the cause of death factors. So I shy away from the term cause of death because death is always a multicultural event and as a young resident I was facing an experienced clinician and I was talking about a. Cause of death called, which he apparently does not accept, and then he said So listen! Listen, though. The patient dies clinically and not on your reductionist. And that’s what I put in my mind, so you don’t give a cause of death unless you also have enough information about the clinical course. Well, I’ve written here briefly where the autopsy took place. Then the diagnosis that was primary and then the diagnoses that we made. And the most important thing actually, what’s down here Down here, a connection can be made with vaccination. So that is very likely in each case in this case for example. Most of the primary diagnoses we have here are all-world diagnoses.

Speaker4: [00:20:20] That is, virtually anyone over the age of 50 can probably be diagnosed with homogeneous heart failure and pulmonary fibrosis as well. Whereas in this case there was probably no lung, but just a diffuse all would be empty damage. Here is then our diagnosis and the plus signs always mean a significant change and plus only in simply three plus which is at most a plus. Well, you can see it and plus in parentheses. Well, it’s debatable. I’ve got some closing to do. So going back to rhythm here is heart failure. I don’t know how the OP lecturer sets the pace, but okay, that’s apparently common. Myka itis here as well. But the connection is unclear. In my eyes and in our eyes. So I have to say this again, we’ve judged all of these all cases together. Unclear but possible. Case 3 pulmonary infarction right heart failure, multi organ failure from. In our eyes, pulmonary infarction is not the sole cause of death, especially since it is a purely fatal event. That is the woman had one before and we have recapitalized one, found the vessel, seen also here lungs, changes and just in the case a maximum with 3+ lymphocytes Myka, which this connection very likely no. 4 Multi organ failure unclear infection Focus Our diagnosis with pancreas a large likely due to vascular changes and finally considered very interesting. Besides finding a leukos classic causing colitis of the skin and this disease is known to be immune complex induced. So something to do with the immune system, you don’t see anything anymore.

Speaker5: [00:22:34] I just need to briefly what another connection.

Speaker4: [00:22:40] Oh God! So together you see it again. So excuse me. So context. Most likely I have seen from your case 5 forensic medicine unclear final aspiration our diagnosis not yet fully evaluated, but we have a theory that of Hashimoto today. Also an autoimmune disease, which is otherwise very rare. And we can only say at the moment context probably the case will be further investigated. Case 6 heart the Dotation cardinale the Compensation with heart Hypertrophie also that with an older, an older person actually an all away diagnosis and with us evenly again a maximum Myka, which this with fiber Destruktion, with which naturally the differential diagnosis to the cardiac infarct places itself, but over there we come still to it and evenly a what Colitis connection with the inoculation very probably. Case 7 fresh menu infarction the diagnosis with us but rather a myon credits. I show that was and I will explain why we think we have then lymph malformations in other organs. A pseudo lymphoma, that is a lymph node that is enlarged and an epitheta laborious medialization of the surgeon syndrome also that an autoimmune disease of the salivary glands. And I did, before that when this study started so certain instructions to optimize. And that’s where I was looking.

Speaker4: [00:24:35] Written please remove salivary gland I was of course called by a colleague. Says they’re stupid. What’s the vaccine supposed to do to the salivary gland? Yes and immediately the first case where I get the salivary gland I find a very rare salivary gland affection, so connection very likely suspected myocardial infarction not yet evaluated will be further investigated. Case 9 Fresh thrombosis of arteries patron superior so the abdominal artery more central is chemistry multi organ failure shock happened. Our diagnosis a what would be a lymphocyte would be what colitis, which probably caused these circulatory problems. The thrombosis itself did not come for examination. We also have a lymphocyte myka that of low grade and here the connection is likely. And finally the case 10 a Ortenau rupture of the aorta ascendant, so here with heart bags tampon hair is not yet fully evaluated. Further investigates the EMU and correlation rather coincidence, so not caused by vaccination. If we now summarize that, then in the 10 preliminary examinations and autopsied cases we have one very probable connection, in 5 cases probable, in two cases unclear possible one. Correlation rather coincidence one not yet evaluated one, those are the key findings, can you maybe put that on permanent?

Speaker2: [00:26:41] We have again and again no more picture on the PC.

Speaker4: [00:26:50] You really listened to me. So if there are questions, perhaps we can do that already now, so perhaps also from me the remark I am not of the opinion that the last biblical truths are proclaimed here. So any of our diagnoses, which are after all backed up by two experienced pathologists, I’m happy to provide to anyone else that they look too. And in some cases. As I said, I also have changes that I can’t even name yet.

Speaker3: [00:27:40] Okay, all right.

Speaker4: [00:27:44] Nope, nothing clear.

Speaker6: [00:27:45] Yes so, now you have a black picture.

Speaker4: [00:27:49] Just like that! Yeah, good. And now that I have brought the general statistics, here are the clinical pictures that we have observed and then the rare clinical pictures. We see what we can call a lymphocyte, your trouble graffiti, including those that affected the Hartz pouch and that the surface of the heart with English would speak of lymphocyte dominance, that there are typical viral infections. Mind you, here we are not dealing with a virus infection, but with an affection by virus components, which must be in the vaccination. Bureaucracy. This is macroscopically as well as clinically and macros clinically very difficult to diagnose and macroscopically at autopsy very difficult to find because it is easy. Condescension is a little flabbier than normal, but who isn’t even flabby? Histological often misinterpreted as infarction. The decisive factor is infiltration. In infarction, we have a clearing to shepherd through granules and these bureaucracies are typically small, delightfully multi, therefore often unrecorded. You also have to examine a lot of samples. This, of course, has an impact on performance and in older people who are at the critical heart weight, which is 500 grams. So if you’re above that, every muscle fiber counts. It’s enough to lose a few muscle fibers as part of that inflammation, then. The particular problem is the mogen heart failure in the case of infestation of the stimulus conduction system. That’s the way it is, we have a clock in our hearts and it’s like a car.

Speaker4: [00:29:52] If they pull the spark plug, the heart just goes out. And it’s those seconds of cardiac death that we see even in younger people. Detection is practically impossible. I know, my teacher, Professor Dörre in Heidelberg once studied such cases. You have to examine the heart in 15000 sections, so an MTR is busy there for almost a year. So that’s very elaborate, but it’s Russian roulette, because nobody knows where the bureaucracy is going to go with this. If the straight in the line system, in the sinus node or in the Aschraf Tawada node establishes itself, then is stop. And I want to show you, they are not not experts, but still. I think you’ll find it interesting too. I too overlooked the bureaucracy of yes to you the first time through. Partially. And I will always show different pictures now. At the clinical pathology conferences you discuss the cases. Case by case, I’m putting it together here. I do the different cases. It’s always the case here, at the bottom or top or left, always where it bothers the least. And he had compiled the changes in the various autopsies that we had, in the clinical pathology conferences, you were never allowed to say with my teacher. And here again at the next the yes, at that time they were positive. It bores everyone, he said. There one must say and here with larger amplification, with stronger magnification or here with a special case and here in the electron microscope but never and here again.

Speaker4: [00:31:52] I’m gonna do it today anyway. Because I’m going to give you and here again and here again and then on the different cases, because I can give you. I can get a heart attack out of any heart anywhere if I want to. So here you see very discreetly your spread so here the muscle fibers, and here you already see this edema, and there you see these little dark dots. These are the lymphocytes, and we will come to them. It’s very discreet here, but you have to look very closely. I would think nine out of ten pathologists, and I would have counted myself in there a couple of weeks ago, would miss that with higher magnification a dilated. The vessel and just typically lymphocytes and a few IPOs leave here again. There are always different cases, you can see that below. So don’t think I’m going to show you the same case ten times over. Here now already a stronger expression. Here is probably already an incipient destruction of these muscle fibers. You can see they are tortured, the nuclei are enlarged, they are not well. And here again the lymphocytes, here with more enlargement, the marked edema, the infiltration. Yes, and now these changes, which are then very striking and which many pathologists are probably missing, diagnosed as infarcts. That are these cups and its multipolar life in several samples were call areas with denser inflammatory infiltrated, which are then also next to it.

Speaker4: [00:33:42] And here you see lymphocytes now, not granules. And that’s the bottom line. Of course, sometimes there are granules, but these little black dots that you see everywhere here, here at higher magnification, that’s what you have now, so these are the lymphocytes that are the key thing here. And here now from a case goes along and in a completely different place a very similar hearth and there was no coruna closure, mind you. So this is not due to the vessels, but it is the inflammation that manifests itself multiply here. And here again you see these lymphocytes lined up, squeezing in between the muscle fibers. Here at nice magnification you can see that you roll such a real money. Phenomenon here. Yes, this here already in the Uebersicht picture, that sees however also only the thought, that one has here thus a loosening of the whole musculature by Lymphozyten and that again with stronger enlargement. Here now also a few bangers with it. Yes, and we find that not only in the musculature, but here’s the epicurus now and you see infiltrated here under the epicurus, there. Lymphocytes have no business there. Of course, lymphocytes are there like police patrolling the whole body, so to speak, and they will see in every cut an apologist policeman, but a lymphocyte. But when they, when you see so many, that’s already inflammation.

Speaker4: [00:35:35] So Epic that this is also so Picardie, all adipose tissue with lymphocytes would be infiltration here as well. As I said, the word also because of this. And by the way, here’s a cut of a corona. Matter that was in a cut and also in this matter. Lymphocytes, loosening and lymphocytes, which are now smooth muscle fibers of the vessels. Found here at stronger, but more magnified that it then Epikurs. So the Mr. Beutel, who also shows dense, deficient infiltrated and has these hyper chemical districts here so much to the myon. Itis And just on the 14th. 28 appeared late effects of a virus bureaucracy that many die within ten years. Now, we have this I must emphasize again, we do not have a virus bureaucracy here, but we have a Myka here that has this through virus components though. Genetically, this should be very similar or at least related and fraught with similar risk. Now that the second most common diagnosis that we made was diffuse all purple damage. I like to talk about all violets and this juliettes also stands out as being tremendously lymphocyte rich. All the dark spots you see here, so that’s the tissue. You’ll see a few more air holes here. The tissue’s collapsed. So-called leakage and density infiltrated entirely from almost exclusively lymphocytes here the same here seriously at a vessel nicely around a vessel. This lymphocyte accumulation here even a lymphatic malformation. I’ll show you later.

Speaker4: [00:37:41] So this whole structure here is a lymph, nickel, and lymph. Nickel in the lungs doesn’t really belong there. So I only know them for exogenous allergic all priorities. And there is no evidence of exogenous in these patients, so endogenous allergic, neolithic or diffuse. So teacher harm as you want to call it. Yes and also that the Pleuger parameters per parameters affected everything, again the you see the many black little dots. Yes, those are the side effects associated with vaccination for sure, so to speak. We now come to the rare things that are suspected, so they are not yet absolutely certain defined, but there are strong indications for it and there are first of all autoimmune phenomena, so self to self attack, reduction of immune capacity, influence on cancer growth. There is described an acceleration of cancer growth. I can’t comment on that here, then the vessel damage or endnote. Limb is a terrible term, but it is used what colitis, Perry, what colitis and eventually even the erythrocytes clump is always cited up to micro trump. Whereby real micro we have not seen, but we have seen a phenomenon that I do not know yet. Yes now phenomenon. I had the surgeon already largely, I had mentioned the Hashimoto, extremely rare disease disorders. The fact that they occur in a collective of ten patients is extreme. So now I come to the vascular changes, endo colitis, so changes in the epi.

Speaker4: [00:39:42] Des hotel, this is the layer that line the vessels. These lotteries are so flat and small that you don’t usually see them. That is, it’s really just a dash and I missed that too at first. And it wasn’t until I saw it over and over again What about me? I have seen about 40000 autopsies and probably 500000 biopsies. I thought it was some kind of political artifact at first. I’m still debating that. But you see these cheap cells here that seem to have come off. And this is probably not a car nozzle, because there are also erythrocytes in between and they can hardly have flown there after the nozzle. And this is observed again and again here again intermixed. So replacement of en hotel cells intermixed with Eritreans herd. So the elongated cells are the notorious we still work that. Immune is logical. Go on, too. As I said, right now I’m showing this as a special finding that we have yet to take a position on. But here we really find it in almost every case and that would be a pure coincidence. Here a larger vessel is affected, here even in one the brain with such detached lotteries in the capillaries and then finally such pictures which I still find difficult to interpret. So there are, is the strangest thing all in this vessel, in the lungs. And to observe this not only once, but several times. And here, too, I have a structure.

Speaker4: [00:41:35] You have to be honest, I don’t know what it is, but we’re going to do immune histology and we’re going to find out. Or can you think of something off the top of your head? You have to look for us. So it’s not a nerve, and it’s probably a vessel. Well, then the problem of lymphocytes of erythrocytes clump together and this is mentioned on the internet every now and then and yes, rather dismissed as aberrant. But we also noticed that in several cases we had vessels that were so completely homogeneously red that red are of course the erythrocytes, which are named after them. And that’s not just in one case, it’s in several cases. Here again The black doesn’t have to bother her. These are formalin pigment. Yes, and this is what it looks like normally. This is what the erythrocytes are like when they are normally in the vessel. There they are nicely, each separately with itself and hold almost corona conformal distance. Here still a large vessel in the lung, also here the erythrocytes separately and here as a further finding still an inflammation of the vein, the lungs, vein and then just the spectacular vessel changes. Here, too, it is noticeable that lymphocytes are most frequently affected. This the vessels found here. Here is the thrombosis right the red and there are the lymphocytes. There’s some granules south there, too. That’s then this one lung infarction that we’ve seen with that wasn’t necessarily fatal.

Speaker4: [00:43:19] That it was that pancreatic diagnosis I showed them. So there’s not much left over, but if you look closely also here lymphocytes infiltrated here probably in the rest of a vessel at higher magnification here again these small dot shaped lymphocytes and here also probably a vessel with lymphocytes infiltrated, so probably a vessel damage that led here to this mass medial vein thrombosis. We have other findings lymphocytes in actually in all tissues and organs here. Yes and now we come to the what politically and Perry what colitis due to the under vaccination. It’s missing all the organs. You just have to look hard. This is an aorta, if you look closely not the kind of wall is here without a passport, but here you have a vessel and there are lymphocytes around it. That’s what they do in the aorta out here. That was a coronary artery, which was covered. And also here we have in the wall and here he lymph. Bags photographed out of here. So there you see her accompanying so a Perry what colitis. Particularly interesting this case a leukos classic causing colitis of the skin an extremely rare immune phenomenon caused by immune complex. Why the obduziert the doctor here of the abdominal skin has made a biopsy, was taken a sample, I do not know. There must have been something to see. I don’t suppose there was any skin injected into the abdomen. But we have here this small vessel with lymph, cite, infiltrated and partial destruction and then in the surrounding area a hemorrhage and as typical here with more enlargement the lymphocytes and as typical for the leukos classic what colitis iron deposits.

Speaker4: [00:45:36] That is, there are erythrocytes perish and therefore classical I suppose a not so good linguistic pathologist has said instead of leukos plastic leukos classical, but it is so in the textbooks. Yes, and what I saw, I thought about it for a long time and actually only one expression came to mind lymphocytes, amok in all tissues and all organs, so excessive immune reaction with danger of immune diseases even to Self Attack Hyper Blasi and activation of the sympathetic organs, lymph nodes, spleen, pseudo lymphoma and then infiltration and lymph. The schooling in not lymph local organs, partly with destruction of these organs, so liver, lung, thyroid, salivary glands we had already mentioned and then as an antipole to the hyper plausible activation the depression resp. Storage of sympathetic organs with diminution with compelling diminution of external immune capacity. So that would be the English term, a lymphocyte dominant typekit destruction information would probably not be quite the right term by definition, just with the risk of a prolong autoimmune disease. No one can say today if and how far this can regress. And here are the findings in addition to a lung with a lymphe. Dickel you have. Do you see this kind of thing activated a lot? With a germ centre?

Speaker6: [00:47:19] I see it in rheumatic diseases.

Speaker5: [00:47:22] In lupus you could, so in chronic autoimmune disease exactly,

Speaker4: [00:47:28] And just in exogenous allergic ethics. But so where is it going to come from here? I mean, the patients were probably not conspicuous as far as the lungs were concerned before. Here’s another one to another lung. You can tell by a different coloration. I think by now they all recognize it too. This is a lymph nicle and this is a lymph vehicle with two germ cells in it. So there’s really power being made there in that symphonics that are no centers. These lighter ones here. That’s where the memory lymphocytes are, and that’s where the immune response comes in. Here another I have deliberately shown several cases, here yes lymphocytes infiltrated in the liver, here in the liver, in case of hepatitis of course known, but here under the in the area of a vessel found rather unlikely and also a lymph to tar. And also that in the liver such a well circumscribed node that I mean it’s not a a portable hepatitis, but that’s a lymph node, a lymph nickel, sorry, so sort of the part of a lymph node in the liver, then inflammatory infiltrated in the kidneys. You see here the kidney bodies, these are the Aruula. Usually the aruula are inflamed, then we speak of globes frites. In our cases we have lymph cite infiltrated in the capsule area of the kidney.

Speaker4: [00:49:13] And here another case also here not in the medulla, but around it. So an intact cell lymph cite an itis and also not about the frequent pylons frites, which of course we would like to see more often in old people. Here again a strong detail see the lymphocytes that are accumulating there around the volume, but mind you not that. Yeah, and then the strangest things. I must have seen them hundreds of thousands of cottage efforts, but that there are lymph cite infiltrated in them is news to me. Here’s an ovary custom. And if you look closely, here are how the lymphocytes quote infiltrated and an ex-soldier. So very strange. Then perrera all fatty tissue there a connective tissue strip with lymphocytes. I think you can see it better at higher magnification. And now the case 7 of the prudent, which showed a particularly exuberant immune reaction. What you see here is a lymph node, and I have deliberately chosen it with the greatest of comparison. So that one measures almost four centimeters, so it’s semi-preserved in terms of structure, so it’s obviously a pseudo-lymphoma. I have the higher magnification here. The lymph wings are actually pretty neat. The vertical zone is broadened, i.e. where the T-cell reaction takes place. Here one would probably also speak of a Hyper Tetzel reaction, but a lymph node of three centimeters in size.

Speaker4: [00:51:08] So if they have that in the armpit, they’re already palpating then and that’s the spleen in addition to that also clear activation here. These are the small arteries, the triplets that are there and then just cite these dense lymphs. Activation hyper mi now as the opposite to it then the depression or in storage, which we see incidentally with AIDS patients then very often after initial swelling also. Here’s a spleen. Yeah, here’s the red diode we had earlier. There’s practically nothing. There’s a small lymphoma here, everything else is empty, almost empty. Yes, and now this beautiful Joerg Rhine Falls salivary gland. We both missed it on the first pass. So I don’t do the prelim at all either. Not an accusation that she overlooked anything, but what you don’t know, you can’t see. So you see here normal salivary gland tissue and you see here a district where the salivary gland tissue, where only the ducts are preserved and the epithets and the reptiles, so they contact the ones that push the saliva out, they’re broken. That’s why it’s called a branch. They al avenidas very rarely here at greater magnification agree with the diagnosis.

Speaker3: [00:52:37] Well, excuse me Mr.

Speaker2: [00:52:39] Professor Volker, you’re talking about Sick Socks Syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease, or the one exactly. Just so it’s clear that what we’re dealing with here is an immune system that’s out of whack and turning on itself and the inflammation is in the vessels around the vessels. In every organ, as Professor Burkhardt says, ovaries in the ovaries, uterus in the uterus and also in the kidneys and for the most part can lead to autoimmune reaction and autoimmune reaction diseases, like this one in the salivary gland, the Söckchen syndrome.

Speaker4: [00:53:21] Yes. Just no one knows if that is possibly self-limiting, which one can only hope, but in any case we have this. Of course you can argue now yes, the one patient, he already had his Hashimoto and the other already had his Zurückkriegen. But so in a collective of ten, that would be extreme. These are diseases, I would say 1 in 100000 or so good. We now come to a single case, which is all the more interesting, namely the question of foreign bodies, impurities from the bugs in the vaccine. There are the wildest speculations on the Internet of microchips and other substances. Coffee also grab minerals, metals, aluminum compounds one likes to use in vaccine to cough up the body’s reaction. So basically what we’ve seen. And yes, in Japan stainless steel particles have been found in the model modern vaccine in batches produced in Spain. And I actually miss any reaction to it in Germany. I’m sure these. vaccines were also delivered in Germany. Only the Japanese are a bit more picky about that, apparently yes. The company argued What do you want? The few stainless steel particles in her arm, it doesn’t matter. Stainless steel is common in medicine, in heart valves, in prostheses. That doesn’t matter. So the okay is harmless. I’m just waiting for someone to go before the judge and say, “I couldn’t have stabbed that man. My knife was stainless steel. It’s medically approved. The stainless steel in the body that no reaction may. And now I’ll show you how we came up with it. I assume you’ve seen the pictures.

Speaker4: [00:55:35] So we once examined vaccines of different manufacturers and found by the way that goes back to a physicist in Hamburg. Mr Reiser, I believe his name is Stefan Reiser, drew attention to this. And we have reproduced this here in Reutlingen. And actually, he did it in fluoroscopic microscopy and I always asked him yes, foreign bodies according to current pathologist law are double non-breaking elements, foreign bodies and non-biological elements. That may not always be true, but good, and that’s what we found. So so Kastl shapeless elements, then these needle shaped or thread shaped elements. Crazy things like that, so this one was called very drastic by a co-worker. We find that more often here, here, here, and sometimes here. So different doublespeaking. I’m guessing stainless steel isn’t not refracting double layer per se, but light is likely to refract at the interfaces and we’ll see that in a moment. Yes and we have nice pictures with it too, but not so nice when it’s in the body. Yeah, we got case one. A micro embolism of foreign bodies that happens intra vital is obvious and we know this phenomenon in bone marrow embolism feared after bone fracture. If bone marrow gets into the tissue, then it gets over the hingelangt is into the lungs. The lung is the narrowest part of the blood trail streetcars and gets stuck there. Only if it was present open, it also goes into the brain well. Yeah, and here’s the thing. And I think I do. On the overview here you can see that here are these huge cells. We also refer to these giant cells as foreign bodies to these cells.

Speaker4: [00:57:48] They are derived from the macrophages. Also, of course, here we see a classic lymphocytes all violinist and here we see there. I also took several pictures here to show them that I didn’t somehow photograph my way out of it. It’s a woman by the way and she hasn’t had a job that’s exposed in any way. Besides, it’s not. And she was over 80. Incidentally, I’m sure this is only max days when I was maybe a few weeks old. I would say such giants here very nice to see. Here are the giant cells, the giant cells by the way, which were also first observed by Paul Langhans at the University of Bern. And a joker once said well, that after he saw his microscope in the museum, he said well, no wonder there could only see the giant cells and that’s what it looks like. And that’s where they see this rift now. You can see this gap in between. There’s some brownish material around the edges. They are. Probably most of it is the metal as such leached out, at least in most cases. Here also this brownish material going across the cell. Here as well and further. So me. I could show you hundreds of these cells and it’s so you get excited when you see that. But it’s just problematic. Yes also here giant cell, giant cell 13 hp staining in the surrounding lymphocytes mind you no granules herding and here also that dissolved out and. Yeah, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Speaker4: [00:59:58] Yes and this is what it looks like in double refraction. They don’t need to be bothered by all the points, they’re technicalities. But you see here that this particle has a very clear Randt definition. As I said, I am of the opinion stainless steel is not breaking double layer, but at the interfaces occur double talking elements. And maybe you’ll also see here is the giant cell. So that’s where all the cores are, we’ll stick with that for now. Well, how’d it get in there? Have you ever watched closely when on this vaccine let people arrive and there is poked in. Have you observed? There’s never any inspiration there, it’s just poking and prodding. And that’s where you can splash in a jar. I am convinced here was injected into a vessel and that whether the woman died from it is another question. But it certainly didn’t contribute to longer life, because you could say that. I don’t have all my lungs. So I can’t determine how extended that is. But in the cuts I have, it’s masses. And a colleague from Sigmaringen brought it to my attention. He said he watched those movies specifically. There’s commercials for pricking and there’s I don’t know what. These are reports of pricking, how they arrive there, drive by with the cars. He said he always paid attention to it, it was never tried. So they never knew if they were in the jar or not. That is why vaccination belongs in the hands of doctors, that is quite clear and not of any semi-skilled workers.

Speaker3: [01:01:51] So to my knowledge, the WHO has removed that requirement on aspirin. So you can’t blame them.

Speaker4: [01:02:02] So I still learned that inspired is not the muscle, the vessel is enough for him. Well, those. So you wonder what’s being changed. I have the change of the RKI concerning the autopsy already so. With this I actually now slowly come to the Renomee capture of vaccinated side effects with potential fatality. The death certificate in its current form is completely unsuitable and ultimately statistically worthless. I’ve been doing mortuary work for over 40 years. I can only tell you this. So no one is actually interested in that and certainly and if it’s from the So I did the second postmortem for the crematoria, but no attending physician is going to sound the alarm that quickly. The affected persons and relatives mostly keep quiet out of concern, because they would have to blame themselves for the death of their relatives, i.e. the affected persons would be the ones who have the side effects. The relatives become those of the dead. And there’s an interesting case. I was sent a case and studied all the medical records. Nowhere in the records did it say what was vaccinated with and when, I thought. They pulled the wrong case on me. Even the autopsy. It didn’t say anything about vaccination. Then I wrote to the husband and then I got the answer yes, his wife would have kept that from him. And she didn’t tell anyone at the hospital either.

Speaker4: [01:03:51] He found the notification for the second vaccination in her bag after the death and concludes that she received the first vaccination and therefore wanted the clarification. So there are such cases and the statisticians must also, which always claim us nothing goes through the rags, it goes us 90 percent through the rags. Yes, autopsy in medical institutes or routine without without routine histology examination are methodologically inappropriate a priori. That’s not an indictment of the coroners. Everyone is doing their craft and this is not part of their craft. Autopsies in pathological institutes are sometimes refused. We had some bad experiences in that department. Many. Well, I came to it in the first place because relatives came to me in complete despair. What do you want me to do? Why don’t you do the autopsy? I said no, I don’t have the option anymore. So the autopsies are partially denied and with those that are through. Led, often lack knowledge of these new patterns of disease, which we also had to acquire first. And the conclusion is a multidisciplinary autopsy and evaluation by forensic pathologists and pathologists with experience in histology, that is, with surgery. The obligatory histological examination of all organs and lesions is the only justifiable way for this question. The so-called Heidelberg Model I can mention Professor Schirrmacher here, that is how it is done there and they also work properly and the figure he mentioned has already been said here.

Speaker4: [01:05:39] So he also believes that 30 to 40 percent of the deaths in the temporal context after the vaccination are due to the vaccination. Now that I come to the last pictures or résumés. I don’t want anything. I deliberately did not want to and did not say anything political. But I have now yet could not resist quoting a jurist. I think they can all read it. Those who do not want to be vaccinated must bear the consequences. That’s what a lawyer says. I wish I didn’t get involved in a similar legal issue. Yes, but my conclusion is If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you have to get the. If you want to be vaccinated, you have to bear the consequences. Our job is, and I’ve tried to make that clear here… Educating people about the risks and side effects and variations of Bush. Quote that this was done with reason resp. happens. But then it doesn’t rhyme that this was done with reason. Isn’t the pathologist the poet there? Teacher Hempel, I think it was, was usually in charge of that. And with that, I think I’m done. Thank you, happy to answer questions.

Speaker3: [01:07:15] Maybe one more comment you had said just before the end, you two also had to first look at the specific patterns for this cause of death or disease cause. Somehow caused with very high probability by the vaccination work. I think that is quite an essential the result, which will then also provide the security in your colleagues.

Speaker4: [01:07:44] So I have now read in the about 20 to 25 cuts here each. I got them, like six hours for each case. We then have a combined 2.5 hours per case. And then I spent another six hours digitizing the photos and then when I was taking the pictures or when I needed to see the crucial things from the photographed or digitized image. Then you see even more than you have seen before. So, for example, these very ones. I didn’t see this syndrome until I scanned the salivary gland and I thought Ah, there’s a funny spot. So it’s very elaborate. As I said, I too overlooked the first localities, those lowly pronounced ones, at first. And also I have thought at first Oh that yes is a heart attack. But then, if you look closely and analyze the cells just now. And that is perhaps also important, to say now that is now the first step we have taken. The second step is now immune histology, all possible. Everything in the arsenal of the pathologist and biologist or material chemist is now being unleashed on these things so that we can then actually prove the connection that this is somewhere related to virus components. They can all say here what they have shown there. It could all be coincidence. But if we have immune is so logical then corresponding findings, if we see, it’s practically only t lymphocytes, if we see, there is perhaps a strongly expressed protein, then we can say that for sure, but we didn’t want to wait that long. I’m sure it’ll be another six months before this is all wrapped up.

Speaker5: [01:09:49] I’d like to add something. I’ll be brief, so a pathologist rarely comes alone. That’s an old saying among pathologists. So it was very good that we look at this together and that we also have someone very competent third party looking at the findings. Because you see more together than one alone or you correct each other. We don’t have an interest group, we are independent of each other and everyone brings in their own experience.

Speaker6: [01:10:32] Nothing more, nothing less.

Speaker5: [01:10:35] We have discovered a lot and have the story with the lymphocytes is so. These probably play a major role in the immune response and also in the response to a genetic vaccine. Both of which we have yet to prove. We can see the phenomenon, but we just have to prove by the further investigations, what type of lymphocytes is there? And then we can look Does this type of lymphocyte that’s seen there correspond to what the toxicity of the spahic proteins does?

Speaker6: [01:11:20] Is that the same? The picture?

Speaker5: [01:11:23] That would be very important. And we’ll also do mass spectrometry to detect the spikes in the first place. If they can’t be proven, then we have a problem, then all we can do is make a probability calculation. I hope that gets there soon. But these are things that still take a relatively long time, and in view of the acute problems that are occurring here, we no longer have the time. I think that’s why we need to get such preliminary findings out to the people now, so that maybe a few more will wake up. The time is getting a little tight now, the time will think Yes, I had one more question about the bureaucracy itis that we also played a big role today. I have heard that young people may be particularly affected and especially athletic people. We have had athletes report that it was perceived that about one to two weeks after vaccination there was a drop in performance. Fatigue. And I have been told by doctors that it can also affect athletes and younger people. What do you say to that?

Speaker4: [01:13:02] So with young people, the disturbance of the conduction system is likely to be decisive, and I had already said that this is practically Russian roulette. But, of course, it always depends on how many muscle cells perish and heart muscle cells do not regenerate. This means that if you lose some muscle fibers at 20, you won’t have them for life. And if he then, if he then just continues to do his competitive sports, then just these muscle fibers are missing.

Speaker2: [01:13:41] Okay, thanks for the great work and the detailed presentation. We will now take a break for 15 minutes and then we will come back with more microscopic images by dark field, in order to bring even more light into the darkness. Thanks a lot!

Speaker5: [01:47:32] I’m sure. Yes, good evening again from this point We now begin in the second round with more exciting topics on vaccinations and vaccination risks, side effects. First of all, may I once again thank Prof. Dr. Burkhard, we would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to follow you and for giving us essential information on how important pathology is, how much we can learn from it in order to avoid risks, but also to possibly prevent deaths. On board now for the second half is attorney Juliane Fischer of the Corona Committee. I think most people know. On your left, we have Mr Holger Fischer, also a lawyer, who is dealing today with the issue of what may or may not be contained in vaccines and, of course, also shedding light on the question of the extent to which these substances could pose a risk. We then have on his left Dr. Uta Langer. She is a surgeon, if I am informed correctly, and also looked at the blood work afterward and will comment on it afterward. Yes, I’m pleased that Dr. Boland is also switched on. Good evening, Dr. Boland. I think you and I are connected by a very important question I came across. And life isn’t all coincidences. Two weeks ago I was called by two female doctors who asked me the question, always this can’t be a coincidence. I am a physician and have been caring for cancer patients for three or four years. And she then gave an example.

Speaker5: [01:49:36] And one thing I want to communicate here today anonymously. The woman seventy years old had breast cancer. This breast cancer was under control and has not grown. In addition, it must be said that in older people cancers naturally do not grow as quickly as in younger people. The lady has been vaccinated and as reported to me by the colleague. After six weeks the tumor, the breast cancer grew again and had to be removed within six months because it had grown explosively. He had an initial size of one one one, so in the three dimensions after approx. 3 months 1 4 1 4 and for tumor removal after 6 months. You see how telescopes and fast things develop. 1 6 1 6 1 6 This made me wonder Can it be that this is related? And is it possible that the question of immunosuppressants, which has already been discussed in the literature, already plays a role here? I would like to discuss this question with Dr. Boland discuss. And maybe you can introduce us to what you discovered in blood tests and then how you can explain, explain possible correlations that are in the context of I’ll call it turbo cancer, that’s what I’ll call it, it’s an invention of mine, so it’s not under medically correct designation, but sails very memorably, I think. If you could give me or us an opinion on that yes,

Speaker1: [01:51:38] Otherwise is not unlocked. Thank you, thank you first for inviting me. I brought a few pictures with me to present. Now I have to go back and see what I’m on. Down there. In. Still. I think from I just gave a talk last week on these issues. I have to say, I am a general practitioner, but my specialty is naturopathy. That is, I work quite differently from the way conventional medicine works today with healing plants, healing fasting, healing earths, healing homeopathy, healing acupuncture. So I was absolutely involved with that for 39 years and so I have such a different idea of what medicine is. And that’s why I’m asking very different questions in that regard. So a few weeks ago we. That’s an alternative medicine practitioner. Frauke Thaler sent me these pictures and said What do you think? So you’re looking at left outer dark field, microscopy, red blood cells. So this is the blood of a healthy person. Will seeing that now in motion where it is, is actually common in darkfield microscopy? Then you would see that I say distance like the elves when they see the blood now in the middle, and then you see the blood four hours after inoculating the same person. And these are images that repeat themselves. She showed me the pictures. I immediately fetched my darkfield microscope from the attic and then saw these images on others who had also been vaccinated.

Speaker1: [01:53:24] And then they see the picture on the far right now about a week later and there they see the money want education and education, as the French say. And this has now been confirmed by many places in the world as well as with dark field work. I have now seen pictures in the meantime that were taken six weeks, six weeks later, so. I’m afraid I can’t document it because my set up isn’t up to it anymore. It’s not that important to me either. This is scientific in nature. These three pictures are enough for me, they went around the world in the video and I show them to every patient and who wants to be vaccinated or is vaccinated and say here This is to be observed. And then people can decide what they want to do. So I can’t tell anyone to you, don’t get vaccinated, but everyone, after seeing these pictures, probably needs to rethink their decision then. So we know that RNA plays a big role here, to be introduced into the cell. And for this purpose, auxiliary materials are necessary. But one must consider so at all times the vaccination left. Reform is no longer what is done today. Therefore, one must ask the question here Is it a manipulation of human genes that is taking place? Because by vaccination I mean something else.

Speaker1: [01:54:43] And the 39 years I’ve been working with naturopathy now, I’ve also been able to treat vaccine damage over and over again for decades after flu shots and so forth. Whether I can do it here now, I don’t know yet. It’s all still way too new and we’re still gathering data and also ways to do that. What we do see, however, is the attitude of many people. That’s terrifying. We’re concentration disorders. You see now also here times terms which you cannot grasp at all first. How are we going to grasp all this scientifically? Well, I always say I’m a scientist, too. For me the human being, the individual is important and I see each person individually and quite differently. The other one, that’s already medicine. So Wesens, change we see too. Accelerating dementia is us. And we are also seeing new diseases that have never existed before, just as the pathologists described earlier. Thus, companion substances of RNA are described. Whether they’re in or out, I don’t know. I’ve collected first and if they don’t eliminate now, they’ll just find out some are carcinogenic. So it can be already that alone by the accompanying substances cancer illnesses are already released or a cancer illness again aggravated.

Speaker1: [01:55:57] We don’t know for sure, and then we don’t know for sure. These are yes, as we were also told earlier, they are information effects and yes, how does this stuff work together? And what’s the point of all this anyway? The ingredients? The one that is the vaccine is just Spice proteins. Yeah, good RNA. But then there is also graphite oxide in it. I’ve seen pictures of groups from Spain, so I don’t question it anymore. Well, so be it. I am welcome to be called that shall we say a conspiracy theorist. Thank you. I also have evidence that that that there are mini robots in the blood. The oldest evidence I have is from 1995. This is a lecture from someone who needs to know. I always say lately heaped the people who invented this vaccination. If it’s a vaccination, they’re at least 30 years ahead of us, have put billions into it and thousands of scientists have to. Worked. That’s the way it is. What are the consequences of this now? So the immune system is in the conversation here now and these are the pictures I’ve been taking for a few weeks now. That is, I ask those who are vaccinated, who are double vaccinated, to give blood so that I can test that blood. And that’s where we developed a STANDARD, where we have the picture here.

Speaker1: [01:57:26] And of course we also look at the DDM and we look at the platelets, we look at other factors, still liver, values and so on and then to get an overall picture. But this is already interesting and so you see here quite simply the imbalance in the immune system. And that’s just I would like to limit myself to only two pictures here, because so many viewers are not doctors at all. But this is so catchy and so clear. And that the pictures I show here are of two people who feel absolutely healthy. And this picture here, so this is brand new. I just saw this today from a patient and I spoke to him on the phone today. His SRB except inflammation reading is 31 and that said I feel absolutely fine. I can’t be that sick. Yeah, but here we just see it. And if we now see the lymphocytes, the T-cells, you see the T-cells and you see the natural killer cells in capsules and then you just have to say there’s something wrong. And for me, of course, the question now is, how do I repair this damage that I see here? And since I don’t work with the dead, but with the living, it is very interesting and important for me to work with others.

Speaker7: [01:58:35] We’re cold now. Today we actually wanted to briefly just present the constellation again, how the, how the blood count changes and also what we see in the vaccines. And I think the treatment options or what might be there, that’s, we should reserve for another session, discuss as appropriate.

Speaker1: [01:58:52] I only want to show these two pictures, but just to show where my interests go. So I’m not not a scientist. This is the second picture and this is also of a young patient 21 years old. And that came a few weeks ago right after the vaccination and had what is called Govinda. And she has had such paralysis of the arm with the hip. So we’ve taken this picture here now weeks later and we see the lopsidedness here as well. She feels absolutely comfortable and completely unaffected. What we see in others, and what we now just suspect, is on the one hand the exhaustion and the general weakness that people already offer. And I ask myself the question here, so that you already per lot in the room, because this has not yet been discussed and as I have researched in the meantime, very difficult to prove, because it is just the question What can we do there? I think you can actually only recognize it in the acute case so far and we can only recognize it afterwards by the therapy. That is, if we take therapeutic steps that rebuild the emotions and that rebuild the mitochondria, then we have a chance here. Here is The lymphocytes and tissues are perhaps a consequence. And the heart attacks that also occur in young people can also be triggered by the fact that the mitochondria have been destroyed. No one sees and then how can we even recognize that in the heart afterwards when these people would be autopsied?

Speaker7: [02:00:14] Maybe, doctor outpatient. Perhaps we could now very briefly refer to the What Mrs. Dr. Long what you’ve seen, both in the blood and we have analysis or we have photographs of what’s in the vaccines. Maybe we could just get on that now. Would you be able to introduce that sometime? Please. Then we come later still times us there from your side perhaps deepen, but that can simply times now still a little vividly makes. Can you very briefly say from whom these pictures now? Or you speak for different ones now?

Speaker2: [02:00:47] Yes, this is a vaccine remnant from the Pfizer company, Piontek, Pfizer and this is very impressive. That moves, that looks accurately done, that with the darkfield microscope on the slide, so two slides, one at the bottom, then a drop of the stuff goes on top and then another slide on top and nothing goes on there and slides down the left. Different is then just so considered in the dark field microscopy. Exactly. And then it goes out of the picture again. So and in another batch of Piontek was this that actually looks. Well, could be chips.

Speaker1: [02:01:41] Unfortunately we haven’t seen the first picture yet. Or did I miss something?

Speaker2: [02:01:44] The first picture

Speaker1: [02:01:46] Is not yet seen here in the video.

Speaker2: [02:01:49] I can’t do it. Robert I can’t do this. I have to admit

Speaker1: [02:01:53] Clearance was probably enabled in the first place.

Speaker6: [02:01:57] You didn’t see. It’s not like that now, just for us. It’s just us.

Speaker2: [02:02:02] Uh-huh. And we leave it now so good

Speaker4: [02:02:06] Being,

Speaker2: [02:02:07] Although that’s what you want to see. We need to clear the screen.

Speaker7: [02:02:09] Then we’ll do

Speaker4: [02:02:13] That. Doing yes.

Speaker6: [02:02:23] In the meantime, I can perhaps already say that we have also had this structure reported by others, it should even still be in here in the presentation. We also found this with Bärbel Biggi Thaler. This structure, so that comes up again and again with come their Nati of Piontek.

Speaker2: [02:02:47] So okay, now do you see it or

Speaker6: [02:02:53] Can you see, Dr. Borland? I’m afraid not anymore. I think it is.

Speaker4: [02:03:00] And actually

Speaker2: [02:03:01] Seeing does, but I

Speaker6: [02:03:02] Don’t. Now we have nothing. I hear

Speaker2: [02:03:06] So as good as a sharp piontek

Speaker6: [02:03:11] Maybe. What can you see in the background? There’s a lot going on, isn’t there? So Piontek is moving too, you can see that very nicely here.

Speaker2: [02:03:21] It could be the vaccines or the nano lipids, lipids. Here are the bright spots.

Speaker7: [02:03:29] Exactly you can show how big this object is.

Speaker2: [02:03:34] This can be up to 40 min.

Speaker6: [02:03:41] Yes, we’ve found particles down to zero point five millimetres 0.5 millimetres in size. These have also been found in light microscopy, by the way, here with Professor Burkhard.

Speaker2: [02:03:57] Right here the chip again and this is the same specimen in normal by light microscopy. It will then look like this Cured.

Speaker7: [02:04:11] This is the

Speaker2: [02:04:12] Same object, this is the same object and three months later.

Speaker7: [02:04:18] This thing that was floating around, this bigger object.

Speaker2: [02:04:21] Nah, it’s this one now. That was on this slide, that’s that and dried out. Then this exactly months later. Here we have Johnson and chances. Huge again with those structures in there,

Speaker6: [02:04:40] With sharp edges, perhaps. At this point, what happens to the experts when something like this gets into capillary blood vessels?

Speaker4: [02:04:52] It went into the lymph node and transported.

Speaker2: [02:04:56] Well, first of all, it’s very, very big. Yeah, it’s pretty big for the small capillaries.

Speaker1: [02:05:03] So we know from, if I may weigh in on this, we know from nanoparticles that they’re cited by Macrophage Bassoon. This often does not work if they are sharp-edged. We know it from female politicians, we also know it from Countess Oxid. And there forms around the particles to a so-called bio corona there are lots of studies on this, that the so to speak of proteins and poorer and so on it is wrapped up and thereby makes the body that it then harmless. But it is ultimately a detoxification or a developmental process that takes place around the nanoparticle. So there are good studies on this. Thank you.

Speaker2: [02:05:46] That’s chanson and chanson again. There’s just this little plane moving

Speaker6: [02:05:54] We have also noticed this flyer again in other samples and it always has this shape. That means it’s not a coincidence that it looks like this. There’s a lot of that going around. That little thing up there moves too.

Speaker2: [02:06:22] This is what we’re seeing as well, this is now blood from a vaccinated patient here, you’re seeing the money rolls education and this is meandering through like this. It’s not hair, it’s not rivers. We recorded it all again in comparison. We made a blouse for comparison. It looks like that Countess Leas, and it’s damn long and

Speaker6: [02:06:51] Breaking a double shift.

Speaker2: [02:06:53] Breaking double shift. Exactly double.

Speaker7: [02:06:56] Do not break means pass

Speaker2: [02:06:57] Is a foreign body. That’s double. Not break can best describe the pathologists again. It’s not organic, it’s not something organic that occurs in the body.

Speaker1: [02:07:19] Could that be described as. Can you hear me? I do not know now if, but the question is you can be Morgellons?

Speaker2: [02:07:27] I saw pictures shortly after at this Spanish study that and there it looked like these graphs blank. So whether it’s Morgellons, I can’t say.

Speaker6: [02:07:39] But we have also received these structures several times from different sides. Always in the blood of vaccinated people. Not before.

Speaker2: [02:08:00] This is a smear from a patient I care for who was paralyzed on the left side after the second vaccination, who now has MS relapses on and off, who has autoimmune antibodies cerebral type and the picture emerged. It was six months after the vaccination dancing here this metal, these splinters and the blood around it, this stinging apple shape. It’s not alive anymore. The only thing that’s still alive are these pieces here…

Speaker6: [02:08:39] And since granules see. The white is a granule. There is a scavenger cell, as I said, a scavenger cell that tries to absorb impurities and obviously fails. Do we have top, inside and right of the granules looks.

Speaker2: [02:08:58] It’s accurate. Now come pictures, they are not from me, they are full.

Speaker6: [02:09:08] This is Bärbel Digitaler now. That’s exactly what Ms. Gitta sent. These are the latest pictures sent by Mrs. Gitta. Here again we have these threads. Just with a different magnification. She said 600 times. And that is after and inoculation. After Bavaria Tech vaccination impurities in the blood also seen again. The clumped red blood cells, the erythrocytes around it now keep everything much smaller. That it is from Mrs. Helena Krenn, alternative practitioner. Um, yeah, any structures again, anything that connects.

Speaker2: [02:10:10] Again these elongated structures

Speaker6: [02:10:12] In blood

Speaker2: [02:10:13] And the erythrocytes still actually look pretty good with it. And again in a smaller magnification also again these elongated structures. What it is,

Speaker6: [02:10:30] We don’t know. And just interesting, the one has almost a rectangle shape,

Speaker2: [02:10:37] Show him.

Speaker6: [02:10:40] Such a movie will definitely show the movie too if that’s what’s coming next now. Otherwise yes let’s do it this way here we have now Bavaria Tech vaccine is also blended in below. Can you make it big? Yes, that’s Piontek vaccine. So you have a vaccine residue and then you try to deliver this waste residue refrigerated, so to speak. When you put it under the microscope, it warms up and it’s very active. Such a living vaccine, I have now been told several times, is only available from Piontek. Modern is always a problem, modern is usually not available than rest. But we have here again this bracket that we saw as the first picture. This structure is in there and we just see particles moving around. So liquid vaccine. If you put Astra Seneca down at Astra Seneca, it’s been absolutely still, you don’t see any contamination, you don’t see all this movement. Now we have Jansen, that’s another drop. And in this drop this, this lump, this particle matches the one that we heard earlier from Dr. Langer’s paintings. Ah, there he is again! She was a bit hard to focus a droplet then cleverly. We’ve got another one of those flying things, but it’s hard to see. The interesting thing is also Can I come back on the occasion now, Piontek.

Speaker6: [02:13:11] The interesting thing is that you don’t need a special microscope. With a lot of luck you could see that with a light microscope. Or you can see a lot with a light microscope. And the question that comes to our minds is. But then that leads more to the legal summary. Why does the Paul Ehrlich Institute never see this? Probably because all they ever care about is looks, precariats. So if there is nothing big floating around in it, if you hold it in front of your eye in the ampoule, then you obviously find that sufficient. If you looked a little closer, you’d see that, because anyone can actually see it. Everyone can see impurities, over and over again. And not just like what happened in Japan the other day with modern ones. Then it just dries, then just does not move so much. Then, as it continues to dry, these crystals form shapes. In that case at Johnson and Johnson. Of course, no one knows what the white dots are. Is first of all an aesthetic picture and what it is, others would have to have for it. We authorities for this have a corresponding federal institute us explain, not the other way around. By the way, here we see in the middle of the picture one of these triangular planes at Johnson and Johnson. Here we go again. They’re not common, but they’re there. Move on or you’re done.

Speaker7: [02:15:13] Maybe we go straight to the Dr. Hubmann Hubmann mog you have yes from the Carinthian group also similar pictures ActionScript from.

Speaker6: [02:15:28] Can you hear us? We’ll switch over first.

Speaker8: [02:15:33] Yeah, I can hear them. Hello! It is still the screen grad shared from the group before. So, yes, good evening. First of all, my name is Maria Huber. I am a general practitioner from Graz, Austria and we have teams in several analysis. These are general practitioners, but also internists, but also a molecular biologists studied several times since June vaccine remains. And this is a group that has come together in Graz, but also a group of Carinthian colleagues, to whom I then also joined, to all in the analysis or to several analysis meetings. And we would like to show basically I’m allowed to show here now as a representative some of the photos that we have of Astra, Seneca and bioethics, prices, vaccines. And I also have short video sequences where I would like to highlight a few concise parts and also show them here, present them. We also really made the offer and would love to do that. Reproducibility would be possible at any time. We have now tried this with different batches of the Bio, Pfizer and Seneca vaccines. These results have always been reproducible up to now. And we would also agree if a camera team would really like to come and accompany us here. So to speak, how we get from the vaccine rest, whose cold chain was not interrupted, so to speak, then to the application of a drop of vaccine on the slide. Then another leaf like this comes on top of it and what has shown itself in us, I can now also show you here today. I apologize because I did not prepare a PowerPoint presentation. But I hope you can also follow here so well, if I now simply split my screen and then click on the folders accordingly should be able to display very clearly. So I’ll start with some pictures from the Biotech Pfizer vaccine. I’ll speak to that a little bit. It’s now. I hope you can see this clearly. It shows here. Basically, it’s a snow flurry of sorts. So it’s basically. In the moving picture you can see it even better, because it is open.

Speaker6: [02:17:49] It needs to grow up, it’s still small.

Speaker8: [02:17:51] Yeah, it’s still small. Okay, I’ve already unlocked the screen usage. Let’s see

Speaker3: [02:18:01] As I find on my screen

Speaker6: [02:18:03] Enter, share all screens is the tip from the spectator round

Speaker8: [02:18:08] And yes, I’ll do it right away. Wait a minute. I’m still trying to get back to the menu, it worked earlier. Wait, wait, hold on a second. I’m gonna take a moment here.

Speaker4: [02:18:27] On both sides.

Speaker8: [02:18:31] Release the release you still see the small screens or now already sees the image small screens now. Now the

Speaker6: [02:18:41] Quite, but trained.

Speaker8: [02:18:43] Okay, wonderful. All right, then. I’m just doing it small here in the corner. You can see Piontek tanks here now. This is now one of the overview. I can say here already, we have in the bioethics Preiser in the videos commons much better outstanding really movement in it. So the vaccine is applied drop by drop and that can then simply form these structures as I’m showing them now. These are questionably metallic structures. It also always finds itself. I assume you still see my remarks here so special, smaller, indefinable, let’s just call it chips now, without wanting to define here now in more detail what we mean by a chip. It is these also this structure her shows up on and here again, as we saw earlier. With the observations I asked just metallic one would have to define further. Components this ring also caught our eye. Which you also saw. Here again such a Cheb like structure and a larger further metallic structure. Here something very pointed and sharp-edged. This has been shown time and time again. There is a very good video on the various analyses of this picture, which I would like to show you in a moment. And now briefly in overview I would like to show a few pictures of the Astra Seneca vaccine. Astrid Annika, now Crescent from the 1509 from our analysis. Here are shown very exciting very neatly arranged structures. I’ll show you more of that in a minute. They’re such real chains, if you look at it that way. So this very bright edge, that is so to speak the edge of the box, which is on the slide, which is on the vaccine drop, here comes from that.

Speaker8: [02:20:44] We looked at these chains then, that is the 40x magnification also in a picture further in a thousandfold magnification. Very imposing is this, this neat structure, this arrangement. You can also see correctly in a picture that is about to follow. This this very beautiful arrangement. As I said, we can’t say exactly what it is here yet, but it’s definitely important to continue analyzing. I too can report. Colleagues around the world are analyzing vaccines. We are connected even if one international doctors network. We regularly exchange ideas in online meetings and this, which I present to you, is catching the eye of many research groups around the world. You see again these larger parts, these smaller parts, this part questionable. We don’t know exactly what’s going on. If you talk to people with darkfield experience, they say that’s how parasitic structures sometimes present themselves. But as I said, it’s not a blood test now. This is a darkfield study of the pure vaccine. So I don’t want to read too much into this, but I just want to show what has shown up here in our analysis. Now I come to the videos, which I find very exciting, because especially the viewers, who have never seen this before, can of course also see here once how it then shows up in the microscope in our examinations. There is movement in it, there is a liveliness to it. You remember, we saw this now just before, this piece, this typekit also in the photos. I’m going a little bit ahead here.

Speaker8: [02:22:31] In the picture again this structure. I have a few other things in store. That’s why these quite sharp-edged metallic structures are here. Everywhere to be seen. Furthermore, we have a video where I would like to emphasize some parts, so do not be deterred by the recording duration, which is now 13 minutes. I’ve highlighted a few parts here that I want to show in particular. I’m just going to go to the time codes on this at three minutes if you see this now, which I’m going to move right into the picture here. You just saw it earlier, when I was already at three minutes 40. I’m going a little ahead, so very large structures, which are, so to speak, intransparent, sharply defined on the outside. We don’t know what it is, but there are these smaller, sharp-edged plates again. And this, really this dynamic that’s happening, I think is very, very impressive. Let’s see some more of that. So you have to imagine that’s in a drop of vaccine just like that. Now even the spectators can do it. We’ve seen this many times now. We’re not shocked anymore, I say. But you’ve got to let that sink in, too, which shows. Yeah, let’s keep going. I’m going to try to click to a timecode again right now, which is also going to be exciting, if I do say so myself. So again and again these larger and smaller, sharp-edged structures. It’s teeming, there’s just an incredible amount of stuff there. Another one of those. The structure is of course now difficult to describe in which dimensionality this now turns and moves. Here’s a big giant piece.

Speaker8: [02:24:35] That’s easy, too. Yes, since further investigation is needed, let’s put it this way so we can get a little further in the time code. Again, these structures. Is here so one can see almost not full, it shows up again and again the same with our analyses, again and again the same these little leaves, this pointedly edged, sharp-edged, most different, structured ins may I go on? To another video. That’s, uh. Also very exciting, that somehow shows up like a starry sky here again a little bit these these metallic structures, this this shapeless structure has caught our eye here. No one knows exactly what that is supposed to be, but it’s there. So this is how it shows up for us when we analyze it on the microscope. And now comes a very interesting shot. So just for everyone, this is now once again the edge where so to speak the the deck klars on the slide is then applied to this drop of vaccine. Here is slide without vaccine first slide with vaccine deck glass over it deck class edge and there is particularly struck us, this structure we have this structure looks like such a small SIM card of the mobile phone, more exactly then also looked at us and we are then with a magnet also to this object carrier close approached. It was not a reaction of this particle to a magnet that we held to it from the outside, in close proximity. That is very exciting, to see here again how the whole thing presents itself as this sharp boundary and then again this transparency, that one also perceives this behind it. So very, very exciting.

Speaker8: [02:26:48] You basically can’t get out of being amazed. One wonders What is this? And what’s that got to do with a so-called vaccine, an experimental drug, as I prefer to call it? What’s that? We’d like some answers. So that’s very, very impressive too. And I could go on like this for hours. We really have some, some more recording still and I just think it’s important to say again it’s snow flurries, these these particles that are flashing out all over the place here. It’s really like really every time, every time amazing. And I say amazing every time because we’ve studied vaccine residues very often now just mostly from Seneca and Biotech Pfizer. And I think that’s quite important that we continue to do this kind of research. And may I really say, we have very, very many colleagues. Yes, also I am today again in an international doctors, meet still at 21 o’clock, there we are from 35 doctors groups from all over the world again in a discussion, where we make also this to the topic, but also still further international projects. That means, we do not say now, we as the first group here cannot define that now, what we see, but we would like simply also. We also hope to see people around the world who may also know about or or have access to other methods of analysis. Because it would be really important that what we have seen here now and as I said, anytime we would like to present live, so to speak, what we have seen here. It’s all reproducible, been reproducible multiple times already and we’d love to tackle that.

Speaker6: [02:28:41] Many thanks! I have a direct question. After all, we now have results from initial labs and we do have the search for the Count Oxid and Count. The fact that this is differentiated once again always distracts from many things that we have found in any case, many heavy metals and suspected heavy metals. Perhaps, if we are now sitting here in an illustrious circle with medical experts, the medical experts can also say something. What does it mean if I find particles that contain chromium? What does it mean if I have nickel in there? What could that possibly do to your body? Chrome nickel were two things that are always found. And I can also first assure you, these labs really do exist. We are in the context of preliminary studies, but I can say these things have basically been proven multiple times now. In the meantime, we also have international interim results that go round and round. So what? What does chromium mean? What does nickel in the body? What does that mean in the bloodstream? What happens to it? Are there any possible statements on this?

Speaker1: [02:29:56] And then maybe I’ll just cut in.

Speaker5: [02:29:59] In addition, one must still iron,

Speaker6: [02:30:01] Iron, yes again and again iron, iron, molecules, Fe and

Speaker5: [02:30:05] Chrome can also lead to steel. Yes, but there please.

Speaker6: [02:30:13] Yes, please.

Speaker1: [02:30:15] Yes, may I? One question, then, first of all This is, of course, always a question of dosage, Mr Fischer. Now, of course, without having an exact dose of chromium or nickel, we can’t say what effects it has in the body. We know from nickel that this can trigger all allergic reactions naturally. But I don’t think that’s the point right now. My question to this group first time insane pictures. Unbelievable, extremely shocking. Do they have others? Medical fluids examined, so as a cross-check and similar phenomena seen before, is the first question. I have two others.

Speaker8: [02:30:57] To the first question, yes, we have definitely studied other conventional vaccines as well. This was already the case at the beginning of June. I don’t have any footage of that now, unfortunately. This would also be reproducible at any time, of course. For example, we looked at TBE vaccine. There’s nowhere near that vibrancy to be seen. What we have seen, however, were also quite even. We know that there is aluminum in the TBE vaccine. So primarily aluminum particles have shown up here. We have further investigated influenza vaccine for adults. We looked at hepatitis B vaccine and there were actually just protein structures that showed up, but it wasn’t in any of the conventional vaccines that were studied. And that’s exciting too, maybe reproducing that live in front of a camera. Such particles to find, that is called it in the E flu vaccine and exactly we had also still a measles, thus the single measles living vaccine from one from the international pharmacy ordered, that was still to be mixed in. That was a powder, that was exciting too. Again, we found nothing. So not in the combination vaccine, but in the smaller measure of vaccine. We didn’t find anything there. Efficiently eternal said, questionable aluminum, hepatitis, nothing striking now described in that direction or even with the flu vaccine.

Speaker1: [02:32:16] So these sharp-edged structures that seem so inorganic or almost technological, they didn’t find them anywhere.

Speaker8: [02:32:25] The light exactly nowhere with the now mentioned. And what else do I have in my quiver as a little extra? We actually had the pediatric nasal flu vaccine from a colleague and we looked at that pediatric nasal flu vaccine as well. And that was the only one where we spotted anything sharp. And our molecular biologists in the team, who themselves were in vaccine development at a large company until ten years ago. She said Aha, you see, that would make sense, that we want to achieve a mechanical irritation here, when in the flu vaccine is applied nasally. So that was very exciting and again, we definitely want to put this vaccine under the microscope again.

Speaker1: [02:33:09] Were there any samples where you didn’t see these phenomena? So cue are there differences in the batches where you say you don’t see that happening at all?

Speaker8: [02:33:21] So with the batches that we have investigated so far, that was in June, and then now with the team in Carinthia, we have met again and again since the end of August to investigate. Here we have always found something. So lately we have always found something

Speaker6: [02:33:39] And then confirm Germany. I can confirm that for Germany.

Speaker1: [02:33:43] Yes, there’s another intriguing question. So the experiment with the magnets is of course extremely exciting. Have you ever tried to examine these vaccines in radio wave free space? It is conceivable that the movement in the vaccines, if there were technological components in them. I’m now in the hypothetical realm that these could be microwave induced. The background of the question is the There are colleagues who use biological devices and perceive in vaccinated people that an electric field is emitted from the body. Colleagues have even reported that it would be the case with dead people. There is definitely no fake confusion to the heart chakra activities that you measure on the EKG. Meanwhile, the currents that were measured there are also too high. That is, it is already a phenomenon that certainly needs further investigation, but which is extremely exciting from my point of view. I did not know this so far, I do not find any studies about it and the colleagues also report credibly that all unvaccinated persons have the same field, we a wooden plate or a tree namely quasi nothing. Could this be related? Have you ever investigated whether radio waves have an influence on the vaccine?

Speaker8: [02:35:03] So I can say right now, I’m in contact with a very good biologist. I would like to encourage investigations in precisely this direction. What I have at home myself is a very high quality EMF meter, i.e. Elektrik Magnetic Field tenant. I have just because I was already from the time before the pandemic very interested in a WLAN or on smart meters. That is, I have such a device at home and in fact it would be very interesting, especially if we have a camera team with us, to put these things with WLAN router times then here to the microscope and also with other frequencies to come in here to measure or. To look for reactions from the vaccine under the

Speaker1: [02:35:50] Microscope yes would be even more exciting in an environment where no radio waves come in at all, mostly x-rays, departments or other defenses. There are yes shielding, boxes, that around or shielding foils, so this vaccine times with a shielding foil to dress. Whether this movement would still be in there, that would be I think a very exciting experiment is normal perhaps could still make.

Speaker8: [02:36:16] So you could certainly do it with the Bau biologist, who I also know from Carinthia. It’s a very good suggestion. So we can also talk about that later and maybe plan the test series together.

Speaker7: [02:36:29] Dr. Dictation, you’re actually a surgeon. Perhaps you could tell us again very briefly what you find in a living person at the moment in terms of damage or impairments or other abnormalities after the vaccinations.

Speaker1: [02:36:46] Yes, we did present this case. Corona Committee Meeting 56 A 30 year old female patient with name are cereals, thrombosis, a complete fulminant thrombosis with corresponding loss, a large portion of the small intestine. And if I think at that time I didn’t know about the Bio Distribution study from Biotech, that came from Japanese direction again. Again, that Biotech then published this study, after the vaccine is already widely used in our country, is of course scandalous and there you read that 16 percent of the given vaccine dose arrives in the liver. So this is actually by means of the affected organ and also in the spleen very very high doses arrive, which ultimately already suggests a certain causality of this vaccine and this complication. But then we had more evidence. You can look all that up. Then in session 56 surgical side we don’t see that many cases there and in my own house I don’t have any contact. Great. Now to the other departments, but I hear from other hospitals and from colleagues that the cases in the area of thrombosis pulmonary embolism are very, very frequent. Unfortunately, it has to be said that my colleagues tell me that they are the exception. Since Professor Burkart also mentioned this earlier, to query the time or the vaccination at all or to want to establish a causality. So we criticize again and again that there are no active after surveys and that a possible causality with the vaccination is not gone at all on reason. But the colleagues who report this to me, who look there. Some of them already say that this makes up 20 percent of their daily work in the practice. Vaccinate to treat damage. I can’t verify that now, but there seems to be a lot going on.

Speaker8: [02:39:01] And inside me are the ones in the thromboses. May I say, I have a colleague who also does it at a general surgery department and is in the emergency department and she has experienced and reported to me a significant clustering of normally very rare material in a thrombosis. And I can also only join colleagues who are in the emergency doctor service and who also observe spectacular cases of young cardiologists emergencies, who then also deliver in the hospital and say By the way, this young man, for example, is doubly vaccinated, please make a note of that. And then when investigated by the same colleagues, there has never been any report received. So if I may also mention this here now, it is quite frequent and I am also aware of an Austrian children’s hospital, that there are definitely four children that were hospitalised at the end of August because of a direct reaction to the vaccination and I know 100 percent that only one of these cases was reported. Well, that’s scandalous.

Speaker1: [02:40:03] So I know that with here in the surrounding hospitals in the emergency rooms may not be queried. From above, it’s like this. It has been regulated in such a way that whether people are now vaccinated or not, it is not queried at all, may not be queried.

Speaker5: [02:40:19] Hmm.

Speaker1: [02:40:21] Well, that’s what I’m familiar with. As I said, I am not commenting here as an employee of my employer, but what is brought to my attention as a physician. So quite privately it’s already like that, even in other houses. In any case, it is known that the vaccine is of course requested, because otherwise the patient would not be allowed into the clinic. That has to be fixed. Do I have to take a test or not? So that is already very well queried, as far as I am told. However, when making the diagnosis, it is not considered that there could be a causality with the current disorder.

Speaker7: [02:41:05] What we have seen today is really quite remarkable. Both the images, these structures that are in it, and also all the implications that we’ve seen now. So also, what Prof. Burkhard reported earlier. These are already quite enormous changes that are triggered by this really very mysterious, this enigmatic liquid. And what is to be seen there so optically, seems to differ nevertheless also substantially from normal, say times comparable vaccines however or in any case with the same effect intended or one immunize then effect intended preparations there somehow from it. So I think the well, how do we say this? It’s actually so you had to. We must now consider what actually results from this, and I believe that it results above all in a truly massive appeal, which we hereby also want to address to the world. This all needs to be looked at very closely. We’re in one here. We find ourselves in a kind of black box with these substances, where we actually have no overview of either the effects or the ingredients. And I think what has to be, for one thing, is that the governments of the world and also, of course, the scientists, whatever they have in their grasp. And of course we have various aspects where one can start. I think post-mortems need to be massively increased. In principle, we have to vaccinate every person at the moment, shortly after the vaccination, in a period of time that is still to be determined, and probably very generously, because we cannot foresee at all at the moment whether this is not now, only six weeks after, two weeks after, but perhaps three months half a year after.

Speaker7: [02:42:46] Things can still come up. So that needs to be massively increased. At the same time the suggestion we had now also in the Coruna Committee must be used registers that already exist. So for example there is an IWF register, where in the fertility practices is registered, how there are the fertilization rates and so on somehow. There we had now only anecdotally so to speak from a doctor like with us has spoken a gynecologist the indication that she could see with her patients concretely that the fertility or the fertilization to pregnancy rate there on from 23 percent to 7 percent has plummeted. Now this may be purely coincidental, but one on one elucidation of this question might come from using these IMF registers. I think we need to access the cancer registers, if possible, to see whether there is perhaps an increased incidence, particularly of what Mr Becker called turbo cancer. And there are many other starting points where it could be investigated. So there’s also you had a clue. The BÄK had a hint, the ones at the RTF in Aachen I think, that they are doing an Aquavit registration now. I’ll be damned.

Speaker5: [02:43:57] Yes, they have there and it’s worth emulating. That is, after all, our concern. For ethical, scientific and constitutional reasons, it is an indispensable requirement that this connection is also researched in the case of the living and also in the case of the deceased. We cannot leave it at that, that very many patients living here are not concentrated and systematically examined for their vaccination damage. And the same goes for pathology. And here I agree with the demand of Prof. Dr. Burkhardt on, and not as before. This is not a reproach to medical institutes and also to pathological is. It is a dynamic process, also a dynamic scientific process with constant growth of knowledge. And you just said so beautifully in your lecture When I first looked at it, I missed it. And that’s scientific work, that we stay curious and that we get into the. Enter this process, ethically, scientifically, constitutionally indispensable. I have another message. It comes so to a halt the whole story of the desired result 90 percent vaccinated we obviously do not achieve. So the government would be well advised to say we’ll take all your worries away. It’s not like it’s a coincidence that people don’t get vaccinated. Everybody wants to be helped. And if it had the promised benefits, people would do it. Yes, and if they don’t address the concerns, the rulers, the people in charge, then I don’t understand. Then, as a lawyer, I have a question. And if the question is not answered for me, then I have a suspicion, although I do not express a general suspicion. I set out searching and demand that you then adopt as a matrix what we have at RWTH Aachen. In the Covic investigation that this is so established throughout Germany. There is everything to be said for it and also the curve Oviedo agreement.

Speaker5: [02:46:15] It is human rights where we venture out into the vicinity of children now. So the fact that you’re investigating this so carefully, that in reversing the burden of proof that we have now, that’s also a very strange finding. I’m sitting here having to prove something, even though there’s a reverse burden of proof distribution for me in the drug law. The burden of proof distribution is simple. The medicine must be as harmless as the liverwurst, if the food inspector comes and sees something in the liverwurst that does not belong and is not declared, then the liverwurst must disappear and we were good at that in Germany and we can become that good here too and we will deliver on that. And I think that’s very important for the next election. Taking a look at that as well. Not to the election, but to the next four years. There is a lot of work ahead of us and I hope that the politicians will pause and agree with these fundamental demands. There’s no reason not to. I have very often proclaimed ethically, scientifically, constitutionally it is mandatory and there is no reason against it. No one’s ever told me why. And so perhaps that should be my final claim. And but I also recognize reality. We are now breaking open in the subject matter, in the project, namely this turbo cancer, this phenomenon, which has not yet been proven. But where we are now scientifically going into an observational study and I’m coached by a university that accompanies that. We also have a trial design. At this point, we move on. But I very much wish that it was not us alone, but the institutions that have far more expertise. And I won’t stand for the state doing nothing. Professor Berghof, you have.

Speaker3: [02:48:24] So I would add to it. Of course the state has a duty, especially the Paul Ehrlich Institute, but also perhaps the Federal Institute for Materials Testing in Berlin. But the manufacturers have the very first responsibility, which in any other case, if a product is presented as defective or questionable by the customers, we are customers in the broadest sense credible, then has but please the first black Peter has the manufacturer, who must show, what is actually going on there? So we shouldn’t take the manufacturers out of the equation.

Speaker7: [02:49:04] So one must say yes also to it, even if what yes is suspected. Disclaimer Da exist as we have seen even with partially leaked contracts so that Piontek and so on. Of course, if the manufacturing process is problematic, for example, or if there are undeclared ingredients in it, then one will have to check legally whether there is a liability, a recourse, a possibility of recourse directly with this company for injured parties. Because it cannot be that one exculpates oneself if at the same time one has other, i.e. not at all declared substances in it, which is then also unforeseeable for the state, for example, if such contamination or whatever happens there then runs off. So I believe it, there’s more. So we also have the problem that people need to be educated. We have yes also we can only then a bodily injury procedure is excluded by a vaccination yes, which represents a penetration into the body. After all, the only way to get consent is through an informed decision. Is really based on an informed basis, be excluded and that is just if now these aspects that are emerging here, so just especially also the findings of Prof. Burkhardt People have to be informed that there are now corresponding suspicions. And if that is not the case, also then we have here again a more intensive Durchgriff also on the respective physician, who yes, currently there are already considerable questions question marks whether the clearing-up takes place properly. Now here come more question marks. And also with these strange goings-on that we’re seeing there within vaccines, so all of those things, they need to be addressed on the government side.

Speaker6: [02:50:44] So I demand, to interject this once again, that the European testing protocols, i.e. the standards according to which these vaccines are tested, be adapted. You have to realize there that these are obviously not sufficient and that I can’t just check for operas, whatever they mean by operas, but that I then have to look more closely with a medium-grade microscope. And that has to be STANDARD in investigation, in testing, in batch testing. And since the Paul Ehrlich Institute says somewhat hidden on its website We can rely on the fact that another European institute has examined, that is, if the vaccine is examined in France, that is enough for Germany, then it is a scandal. Then the Paul Ehrlich Institute may have to test three more batches, but then with adapted tests, protocols and guidelines. I can only recommend everyone to have a look at these guidelines. And if after today someone says that is sufficient, then that is just wrong. That’s the very first one. You have to want to get on the manufacturers’ radar to get on their radar. And I have to say, in all honesty, if we’re seeing this, why aren’t they seeing this? I had thrown that in earlier. And if the guidelines are not adapted, then I have to assume that there is obviously no interest on the part of the Paul Ehrlich Institute in getting to the bottom of the manufacturers. What the consequences of that are again, I don’t know. We can talk about it later. All in all, as Mr Becker said, we have to say that we do not have the burden of proof, that we are responsible for this and that you now have to investigate it ex officio and that every foodstuff in the penny price range, yes, some soft drink with these contaminants will be taken off the market, but this stuff is still floating around. That’s yes that’s the consequences.

Speaker6: [02:52:46] That’s the announcement and I expect it to be cleared up. Tomorrow or this week or next week. Then I wanted to. But I wanted to say something very briefly about Dr. Boland say. Earlier we had the topic with the disturbed lymphocytes, with the disturbed immune defense. I had suggested the other day that we investigate some things, extend to the dey, which and there just the lymphocytes were an essential, an essential point that we do a lymphocyte differentiation. And I’ve heard this several times now. We have in the vaccinated lymphocytes or an immune defense, which looks like usually in cancer patients, in chemo or in HIV patients. You have to say that too. This is then also part of a vaccination. Clarification, to add that again. And if people are dying or suffering heart attacks or strokes right now. We just have to say there is probably a value, that is per PNP. So I can detect a heart failure. And then doctors just need to know We need to help our patients after vaccination, and in doubt, determine the lymphocytes. What do they look like? We need to determine the idea, the seas and we need to look by the way Do they have a heart condition? This is then also part of the STANDARD for a doctor. You can grab them there too. If I mean to vaccinate a person or to have to vaccinate a person, even personally, then I also have to say afterwards Okay, but I also offer you afterwards as much diagnostics as possible, because I already know, at the latest this evening with this video that we are shooting here, that we say We have the suspicion, we have the indication that something is happening here. And that, the doctors are also afterwards in the duty, even after the vaccination. Reconnaissance, let no one get off the hook. Again, of course, our governments. Thank you.

Speaker1: [02:54:45] And I have to ask the question Why is that not enough now that we have so much material that we can get up close and personal with the Paul Ehrlich Institute and say Here look at the microscopic images, if they are reproducible, then. Knowledge would have to see the people there also I what dem that looks at all there. You can look at the pictures of the standardized cells that we have made now. Tim lymphocytes too low and b lymphocytes too low. That’s clear. And the laboratory does not say that it is a vaccination damage, but the laboratory then asks for possible causes viral infection BWV, HBV, CF, HIV infection, immunosuppressants, therapy, in the end chemo, radiotherapy, malignant tumors, symptoms That is the question that the laboratory asks based on this finding that I showed earlier, yes. But if you now know that this is by no means the case with these people, but that this must definitely be vaccine damage, then you simply have to say, “Here you simply have to stop vaccinating. And somehow someone has to get a move on and say enough is enough.

Speaker6: [02:55:57] Exactly. One should actually not investigate much further, but make demands on the Paul Ehrlich Institute. The vaccines need to be off the market and the EMA needs to revoke the approval and otherwise they will be suspended nationally.

Speaker8: [02:56:09] May I now briefly interject at this point The bad thing is that it will not be stopped sooner, but the whole thing will now be rolled out to five to eleven year olds and soon also to children aged 6 months and over. And that’s a crime. You have to imagine, what we have shown here before, what I have presented here in the name of our analysis group, please, this is not Rocket Science. We had a darkfield microscope, you can always reproduce that. We also offer this. You can’t see these things in vaccines, see nothing in conventional vaccines. And then, for example, with Piontek Pfizer blithely continue to vaccinate children. And everyone who knows me a little better knows that I am the initiator of We show our face. We are an initiative of lawyers, jurists, doctors, who say in educational videos, please, we must not vaccinate children who are not at great risk, i.e. who are seriously ill with coiko, with such an experimental drug. That is, you have to imagine now, I heard a patient lawyer yesterday on public television in Austria. As a doctor, you have to immediately question and correct everything they have said in front of running cameras. And this fear narrative that there is, that now people are vaccinating their children and then soon the smallest of the little ones with what we see here, what there is here in terms of intervention in the immune system, this is madness and this madness, it really is madness should be stopped and as soon as possible.

Speaker8: [02:57:48] And one can only say again please you have to educate people. The only thing I keep this whole Imps narrative yes help and Delta variants panic is that people are not hearing the truth, which is that there are Covic 19 therapies that work. And that really needs to be emphasized. We know that the Emergency US Authorization only exists because a one condition is that there is no working approved Covic 19 therapy. And if we there times this that is all perverted in the causal term that is called wrong. This is all wrong. That is, anyone who gets sick needs to be treated well early on, and then people don’t even need to be afraid of getting sick and therefore exposing themselves to these experimental drugs, but just make these therapies generously available. And it’s important to me It turns my stomach. I’m a mama myself to a soon to be three year old. And when I imagine that children specialists on Austrian public television a few weeks ago in the evening news say, from 22 countries the three year olds vaccinated and then soon the from 6 months babies, that is madness. And this is what we all as puppies, association, doctors and lawyers must finally stop. And we are in the process of having a World Humanity Forum and a World Health Forum with the same name World Health Forum 20 1 point. Com The homepages online in two weeks. We want to connect and we physicians and lawyers, lawyers worldwide will be the game changers here. We can’t go on like this.

Speaker7: [02:59:24] So what is clear is that in view of the problem situation that is now emerging here with the vaccine, one has to say that this is a situation that would definitely have to be taken up now by a government under aspects of population protection, and indeed a government that is, after all, with great. If we now times that as positive, how will one say protect, thus with a protect intention, if one wanted to assume that, perhaps the crown constellation very exuberantly cautiously as one’s call it approached, then is incomprehensible, why one in such a situation, where damages now with. Clearly concretely, comprehensibly occupied by autopsies sign off that one does not really enter there with all strength into the population-moderately necessary clearing-up and does now everything. And there, of course, is the great danger. This thing is very advanced. These are, of course, uncomfortable questions to ask. And it may be that we are now dealing with a politically motivated, with a politically motivated “carry on like this” and not wanting to look closely, especially before the election. I think that before the situation, you really have to think very carefully about who you choose. So there are parties that are in opposition there and they are substantial. How will one say stress will make. In government, of course, for that, or let’s say in one in a parliamentary responsibility and then would also push for that very thing to happen, that very investigation. A party is the grassroots. I just want to say it at this point because Holger Fischer and I are also active there. And I think it’s the right way to go about it now, to make sure that something changes. And that’s no way to go on, because that’s too dangerous. We can’t afford that for the entire population given the potential dangers and threats we see here.

Speaker1: [03:01:21] Yes, may I, may I? There remains also again that the less inclined, for the first time to switched spectator does not think that we want to saw here only a vaccine, but also is it at all necessary to enforce in the current situation the whole country, thus speak also the up to 6 months old children? The whole thing is based on the hypothesis of a symptomatic infection, i.e. that virtually everyone carries the atomic bomb virus. And we have a study here from Wuhan where 10 million people have been studied and 300 cases have been found of a symptomatic cases 300 out of 10 million. And there the CT would be relatively high. So there one must ask oneself already whether there is this hypothesis and that has now also the University Duisburg-Essen has it again at 160000 places in Germany, when it doubts a German study during a Chinese study, has now a German study. And here we find 0.4 percent of those tested were symptomatic cases. And there was the then mean CT value of 28 for eight CT values above 25 as not relevant at all. So on this basis of symptomatic contagion, the entire population of the world is now being forced to protect vulnerable populations. Because the children definitely do not have to protect themselves, because the vaccination is not effective in terms of the spread of viruses. As we now also see in a Vietnamese study 251 times higher viral load in breakthrough infections, so in already vaccinated with the delta variant. Again, these are very strong hints. Anyone who has attended school knows that vaccination does not provide ishgard protective mucous membranes.

Speaker1: [03:03:24] And so it’s no surprise that the Delta variant is very much in the throat of vaccinated people. So again we don’t have effectiveness in terms of the policy that is being pursued. The contagion leanness is not interrupted. We haven’t had overburdened ICU beds in a long time. That was one of the first arguments that came. We have even seen reductions of intensive care beds in Germany eight to 9000 beds and we have a case fertility rate. So the lethality of the virus was still a 0.1 5 percent argument. Professor Johann has proven this several times. And finally, IGES. Professor Häusler actually also someone who recommends more vaccination. So with that, I would consider him neutral now as well. Writes that 80 percent of the deaths attributed to Corona would not have been attributable to Corona. The Corona test is often 5 weeks or more in the past, so that the death rate has been falsely inflated here, and that also from the mouth or from the pen of such a man, who actually supports the campaign otherwise, so that we have to see the criticism of this vaccine, which we have made today, against this background. Is it even necessary, and is it even necessary for young, healthy people, if it would work? And then a biological concept comes into play where, for the first time in the history of medicine, we put a drug into the cell that resists everything. Over here. Adding what is not natural. And this so-called trans fiction or fiction is being tried out here for the first time on humans and I doubt very much, and also those who invented the technology, that this is a vacuum and that the other one is being put in there voluntarily.

Speaker1: [03:05:19] No is going to come to inflammation reactions from the cell and also is this area, this catholic area five to six months in the body. There is a very, very urgent biological question here, and there is still the question of the poorer A, which would immediately disintegrate if it were not protected. It’s speculated, it’s boxed, it’s PET encapsulated. Who can please answer the question from and meringue? So how fast is it if it can be broken down again after this preservation and how long does it last and how long does this program that uses our cells so to speak now to produce the spike. How long this program will last and when it will stop. That would be very, very important for side effects that we notice at some point. And point C has been very concerned with us 2, if that gives side effects stronger, how to get that back out. I doubt it happened, so I have many, many biological questions here that are definitely unresolved. And the last and then finally this Amarna in the cell must be read. This can result in feces and Usage Farocki. So that means it’s misreading. The cleft that is formed may not contribute to immunization because it is misread, may even emit a new virus, and may contribute to autoimmune diseases. And, if necessary, via this path to the accelerated cancers mentioned at the beginning. Thank you for your attention.

Speaker7: [03:06:56] Yes, and then when we see that now in the getting database more modern than an ongoing study indicates that they’re investigating right now with the real world data what kind of impact it’s having on people here, including pregnant women. And when we also hear that the STIKO is now, in principle, coming closer to the recommendation for political reasons, that it has released this for children or that it has then released it for children and possibly wants to release it for even younger children, then there are still considerable legal, scientific and also political questions here. And I think this is a matter that also really needs to be resolved politically. Well, I think if nothing else to add now.

Speaker6: [03:07:41] I would like to make another appeal, which is being mentioned on various occasions at the moment. At the moment there is another case in The Hague at the International Criminal Court, which has not yet been closed. Witness statements are being sought, witness statements are also being accepted from critical doctors who say We have in practice at the moment I heard earlier, 20 percent vaccine damage cases to deal with, that these doctors make these statements in English and submit them and also submit them to the ICC in the soon to be inadequate further proceedings. Because one thing must also be said, whoever continues to do this here, although they know what we have spread here today, makes themselves liable to prosecution. He can’t say he didn’t end up being premeditated or at least conditionally premeditated. And what we are witnessing here is called extermination as a crime against humanity. People are being wiped out here and the pro-vaccine parties are wiping out their constituencies. That could fall to them already times and those, which under the aspect of one day again nastily on the feet, if they do not feel otherwise already. So I would say again even if we say the ICC needs a long time, we need and we can support that gladly before the election. After all, as a political issue, that has nothing to do with the election, but we can say that from tomorrow. The Hague has to investigate, there are proceedings in The Hague and in these proceedings we need witness statements.

Speaker6: [03:09:10] Not about vaccine damage, recognized in ten years, but about suffering after vaccination and about the patients who visit the practices. And about the patients themselves say I suffer after vaccination, I do not feel well. Please submit in English and. We have two procedures and we should support the ongoing initiative of the English. We can support the initiative of Rising Hassel Rising and simply say clearly here Our government and the members of our government and other Paul Ehrlich Institute as well as from the EMA are committing crimes and they will not escape. That is the point this evening, how we now also implement this in concrete terms. The figures, the pictures and the examinations thanks to Professor Burkhardt have been presented and that should support the whole thing, because many people do not know how ill they are. Most people. We don’t know yet. No one’s told them. Tonight could be a light to many, even for their own therapy to get helped. I was going to say that. We don’t just sit here to solve crimes and we don’t just sit here to look at what people have died of, but we also want to help people. We want to develop therapies and we want to try to save what can be saved. Even for those who have been vaccinated. Thank you, I meant to say.

Speaker7: [03:10:31] Yes, I think that’s very important. It is really a matter now of also going into diagnostics at an early stage. So the people who are already seeing problems now. Maybe you have a headache and maybe it’s not the normal headache after the vaccinations, but you have to look, even the ones that you’ve had voted on and so on. So all this stuff about getting into it. And that we just here, so this population protection constellation, the danger that is coming towards us, that we just in the way also really that is also up to each individual to look, that he gets himself there a little bit in safety, brings or at least also looks, what he there, what he has or could have for problems, so that he can also take countermeasures in time if necessary. Yeah, on that note, thanks for watching for the attention. This video will also be translated into many different languages and we will distribute it so that people in other countries can get information about it. In English, Italian, Spanish, also for Israel. We will translate it so that people can inform themselves about what we are doing in Germany.

Speaker1: [03:11:37] Yes, thank you.

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