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Boulder approves super spreader facilities, flunks scrutiny

Boulder Health Kommissar Rodriguez’ recent mask mandates are political and not necessary to protect public  health.  The Kommissar recently issued two orders, one to inflict permanent brain damage on small children, the other to coerce vaccination through social division and oppression (the focus of this note).  Absurdly, they’ve approved vaxxine super spreader facilities, as well. … Read more

Welcome to the Library

We’re putting various libraries on line.  These include COVID-19 documents and data: Boulder County Public Health Boulder Orders Research The libraries include a search function, based on title. The library includes documents such as the UK Imperial College report that Doctors Fauci and Birx relied on to sell lockdowns to Pres. Trump.  

Greenwald: Cost-benefit another covid fatality

Media outcast (liberal) Glenn Greenwald reports that cost-benefit analysis has died of covid. We employ a rational framework of cost-benefit analysis … when making public policy choices, we do not examine only one side of the ledger (number of people who will die …  but also consider the immense costs generated by policies that would … Read more

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