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Peter McCullough, MD addresses AAPS, Oct. 1, 2021 (Audio/Transcript)

The following is a transcript of Dr. Peter McCullough’s address to AAPS, Oct. 2021. Audio, below: Downloads: Presentation slides AAPS COVID Treatment Guide If you appreciated this post, please donate to AAPS. Transcript (auto-generated): [00:00:05] Thank you. Thank you. I am so honored, in fact, it’s my honor to find apps, and I’ve told Dr. … Read more

Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. Robert Malone MD on COVID vaccines, risks, and policies (Transcript/Video)

The following is a transcript (auto-generated) of a meeting between Dr. Robert Malone and Geert Vanden Bossche. Speaker1: [00:01:35] Hello and thank you for joining us today. It is a tremendous pleasure and privilege for me to have the opportunity to speak with two giants today, two giants of COVID 19 who have been sharing … Read more

FDA Advisory Panel: COVID Boosters, Video/Transcript (Sep. 17, 2021)

The following is a transcript (AI-generated) of the video, here. Speaker1: [00:01:39] Good morning, and welcome to the 67th meeting of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee. I’m Mike Kaczynski. I will be moderating today’s meeting. This is a live virtual meeting, so we do have participants from around the country and around … Read more

Summary of findings of the Corona Investigative Committee, Sep. 15, 2021

The following is a transcript (AI-generated) of the video, here. Speaker1: [00:00:03] Hello. I’m Roger Fuellmich, and I want to tell you about the results of the investigations of the Berlin Corona Committee to date. I’ve been working together with my colleagues in my firm as a trial lawyer for twenty seven years, I’m licensed … Read more

German pathologists call for COVID vaxx suspension (English transcript)

The following is a transcript (AI-generated) of the video, here. Speaker1: [00:00:04] Go for it! Speaker2: [00:00:05] Yes. Good evening everyone, welcome! Unfortunately with some delay. I would like to welcome you to the press conference here from the pathology laboratory in Reutlingen. My name is Dr. Ute Langer. I’m a physician and a surgeon, … Read more

Video: German pathologists call for COVID vaxx suspension

On September 20, 2021, German pathologists held a press conference discussing deaths from COVID vaccines and undeclared contaminants in the vaccines. Below, is the the German-English translation of their webpage. Following that, is the video, with English subtitles (AI-generated, VTT available, here). Text transcript of above, is here. At the pathological institute in Reutlingen, the … Read more

Science: Don’t smother toddlers. They exhale tiny particles that masks don’t filter (just like you do).

Mask zealots claim that masks filter respiratory droplets that spread COVID-19.  Sometimes, the fanatics dispense with science, altogether. Sometimes, they make lazily misinformed arguments to mollify psychotics clamoring to flatten the toddler menace.  The fact remains that facemasks are fairly useless at filtering most exhaled infectious particles (including the yet-to-be unveiled COVID-19 Voldemort variant), to … Read more

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