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Flashback: German prosecutors targeted judge for protecting children against mask mandates (April 2021)

German prosecutors targeted a German judge for his decision to protect children from harmful mask mandates.  Weimar District Court Judge Christian Dettmar had issued a ruling banning mask mandates in Thuringian schools. German prosecutors alleged that the judge had exceeded his authority, searched his home and office, and seized his cellphone. The judge enlisted the … Read more

Boulder approves super spreader facilities, flunks scrutiny

Boulder Health Kommissar Rodriguez’ recent mask mandates are political and not necessary to protect public  health.  The Kommissar recently issued two orders, one to inflict permanent brain damage on small children, the other to coerce vaccination through social division and oppression (the focus of this note).  Absurdly, they’ve approved vaxxine super spreader facilities, as well. … Read more

Boulder Kommissar to flatten toddler menace

Boulder County’s new Public Health Kommissar Camille Rodriguez (BCPHE’s first openly latinx Executive Director) has launched her opening salvo to flatten the toddler menace.  The Kommissar has ordered residents to mask up until she says otherwise or go to jail (so antifascist). Kommissar Rodriguez is an anthropology major (a Starbucks barista buried under student loan … Read more

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