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German pathologists call for COVID vaxx suspension (English transcript)

The following is a transcript (AI-generated) of the video, here. Speaker1: [00:00:04] Go for it! Speaker2: [00:00:05] Yes. Good evening everyone, welcome! Unfortunately with some delay. I would like to welcome you to the press conference here from the pathology laboratory in Reutlingen. My name is Dr. Ute Langer. I’m a physician and a surgeon, … Read more

Video: German pathologists call for COVID vaxx suspension

On September 20, 2021, German pathologists held a press conference discussing deaths from COVID vaccines and undeclared contaminants in the vaccines. Below, is the the German-English translation of their webpage. Following that, is the video, with English subtitles (AI-generated, VTT available, here). Text transcript of above, is here. At the pathological institute in Reutlingen, the … Read more

Greenwald: Cost-benefit another covid fatality

Media outcast (liberal) Glenn Greenwald reports that cost-benefit analysis has died of covid. We employ a rational framework of cost-benefit analysis … when making public policy choices, we do not examine only one side of the ledger (number of people who will die …  but also consider the immense costs generated by policies that would … Read more

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