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Zeroism: Catastrophic pandemic models still driving lockdowns

Australia’s totalitarian pandemic restrictions are the product of flawed computer models used to justify even worse policy-making. US economic lockdowns were based on a totally unreliable computer model. Gov. Jared Polis based Colorado lockdowns on an even worse computer model. Then, the politicians claim credit for saving untold lives (based on nothing) so you can … Read more

Zeroism Australia: Quarantine camps are infrastructure

In a big win for democracy, Australia Prison warden announce human infrastructure quarantine camp! Zeroist Queensland warden Annastacia Palaszczuk crows that she has taken “decisive action” to build the internment quarantine camp.  Conspiracy theorists complain that this is unconstitutional because quarantine is the exclusive domain of the Australian central government.  Zeroists laugh in their faces. … Read more

Zeroism Australia: Inmates to see daylight

Australia Prison Colony announces that vaccinated inmates may go outdoors for two hours, each day! Inmates that we spoke to call these totalitarian measures a big win for democracy.  Australia’s mandatory voting laws have increased turnout and elected leaders who cherish Australia’s rich tradition of incarceration.  Skeptics and conspiracy theorists call Australia’s zeroist policies (“zero … Read more

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